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Pop-up blocker is not working. How do i enable it?

I accidentally turned off the ad blocker but i do want it. How do I enable that feature again. Running 360 5.0

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Re: Pop-up blocker is not working. How do i enable it?

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Hi Mustang68,


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There is no pop-up/ad blocker feature in Norton 360 Version 5.0. If you have turned off the pop-blocker from your browser(Internet Explorer or Firefox), you have to enable it from the browser settings. In Firefox, go to Tools > Options > Content tab, and make sure that Block Pop-up windows is checked(enabled). In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab, and make sure that Turn on pop-up blocker is checked(enabled).

If the problem persists, please post a screenshot of the pop-ups you are getting. If you are getting false security alerts, it can be due to adware/spyware infection. You can download and run Norton Power Eraser tool :

Go for Rootkit Scan and Restart the computer. Check if it detects any threats and if it does, please provide us the filename and other details.