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Pop up called price gong

 I have a pop up called pricegong showing up in my browser.   I was told it was a google toolbar add-on and i could remove it from uninstall programs.  Problem is I don't have pricegong program on list and also dont have Google Toolbar.   Norton360 doesn't seem to recognize this problem.  How do I get norton to recognize and remove this pop-up?

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Re: Pop up called price gong

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There's a good deal about it on the Internet if you Google. Since you don't see it in Remove Programs you probably have the browser add-on version.


You can stop this from functioning by opening your browser and disabling it in the Add-ons.


Please let us know which browser you are using but if it's Internet Explorer here's the route:


If your Menu bar -- begins with File and ends with Help -- does not show press the ALT key on your keyboard


Mouse click on Tools / Manage Addons


Find the PriceGong in the items listed there (there might be more than one entry) and double click on it -- this should change Enabled to Disabled.


There are procedures on line to remove it more fully or someone here may have specific suggestions but that should stop the popups