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Problem with 360 and local programs


I have 2 problems that i need some answering.


1. I use a Greek programm for my garmin gps and topo data called toponavigator 6. As it is a local program of course it doesn't have the usage database that other programs have. Norton always find suspicius every update the make and bugging me every time i try to download it and apply it even if i push the trust button every time (sometimes it deletes the update when downloading finished or even worse the .exe of the program after or while installation making the program unusable). But the biggest problem that i have is that i loose its licence all the time and it runs as a demo. I contact everytime to solve it and everytime they say the same thing, that norton is a stupid program that blocks their program when it tries to access its files and thus doesn't see the licence. That everytime they have similar problems is norton related and i should change a security program with something else that doesn't block everything and causing such problems. Are they correct ??? Is norton the problem and what i can do to solve it ? I haven't seen blocks at its history related with toponavigator. Are any hidden blocks that we don't see ? and how can i tell norton to not block anything a program does ? I have only found setting about internet access not overal activity. And with that i come to my second problem.


2. I use system mechanic for the cleaning and tuning ( i have disable these fuctions from norton although from time to time i see a idle time pop up for some reason) and i have a problem. First of all i see an system analyser error window when it does its idle time scan and fix that i don't know if it is norton or windows 8 related cause i have it only at windows 8 machine and since they don't know what causes it i won't bug you for it atm. But i will for my main problem, which is that all the time norton blocks System Mechanic and doesn't let it do its job. Obviously i trust it since i want to use it and i want to clean my restristy and norton keeps blocking it, Seriously. How i can make norton stop blocking  a program features and activities and let it do it's job ?


Shall i listen them and change my firewall program ? Thanks

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Re: Problem with 360 and local programs

Hi makemono

Regarding the updates the safest way is to see if the company can report to Norton before it releases the update allowing sufficient time for Norton to assess the data and then release in an update that the data is safe and hopefully this will override the reputation of the file.  You may like to mention this to the company.


Norton evaluates false positives so if you think your getting a false positive please click on the link below to submit it with the relevant details to access the file.  Norton can assess it for being a false positive if it is a false positive Norton should release an update shortly for the file(s) concerned.


I don’t use system mechanic and from the information you have given its not the firewall it’s the activity of the programme that Norton closes down, C cleaner works well with Norton


C cleaner has two buttons, cleaner and registry, cleaning the registry can cause serious problems so it is best to leave it alone.


On the left hand pane of the cleaner user interface there are check boxes that can be unchecked so that the files in these locations will not be deleted.


C cleaner is freeware (5mb), you might like to do some research on the web about C cleaner?







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Re: Problem with 360 and local programs

1. ok i will tell them to report to norton but don't think they will do it anyway since it is a small company (5-6 person one). The alarm is reputation based and don't think norton can do something about it if it doesn't change the way it treats these files. I just hope that at least it won't bother me everytime. The first time is ok since it's ok to find it weird with only 5 ppl to use it but after that it becomes pain ! I think symantec needs to make the program more inteligent at this point "since i tell it it's ok please don't bother me again for future update of the same program" kind of thing. As of the download thing. As of the license thing i am sure it's from their part and how their licensing works. I will report back when i short it out with them.


2. Obviously i know ccleaner and obviously i choose not to go with the free tool and go with the paid one as i choose to use a paid firewall instead of a free one. The question is when i tell to have full internet access is it the same to have full system access or is there another option for that. I don't understand why the free tool or the norton own registry cleaning to work ok and not another program's. This seems a little suspicious, kill the competition thing. It's ok to not let it do it from the beginning but since i want to let it do it, there should be an option there to let me do what i want with my programs and my registry. And since it is the biggest tuning program out there surely seems weird why u still block it or u don't solve the problem with them.

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Re: Problem with 360 and local programs

Hi makemono,

I have sent you a Private Message ( PM.gif). Please take a look at it when time permits.

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Re: Problem with 360 and local programs

Hi ! any update on the problem ! cause the keep saying that the problem is the N360 that blocks the program and can't read the license and that i shall remove it ! Is it true or they don't know what they say ? Is it possible 360 does that ? I don't see anything at the history.

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Re: Problem with 360 and local programs

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Hi makemono:


Conflicts with Norton products and System Mechanic have been reported in several threads.  Here are just three examples:


NIS 2012 & System Mechanic by Iolo

Conflict with System Mechanic

Eliminating Conflict


Symantec has posted a support article here explaining why users should not have more than one security program and/or firewall running in real-time protection mode.  I'm not sure if there is any way to disable real-time features like Stability Guard and ActiveCare so that System Mechanic doesn't conflict with N360 (see bleeper24's post here from 2011 for a possible solution), but many Norton users simply uninstall System Mechanic (especially if they own the PRO version) and allow Norton to handle their system security.


Try running a search in the forum for the phrase "System Mechanic" in the entire community (i.e., not just the N360 board) to view some recent threads on this topic and see if anyone has a better solution than a complete uninstall of System Mechanic.




And regarding your Toponavigator, etc. detections, if you are absolutely certain that these are false positives and that the software is safe then you can create program exclusions in your N360 settings (Settings | Computer | Antivirus and SONAR Exclusions) as decribed here so that they are ignored by N360's Download Insight and active scanning.

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