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Problems after update to

Contrary to the details above, my system was flagged for a restart after the update - which was run automatically, I didn't start it.


I was doing other work and didn't reboot for about an hour. After the restart my desktop was completely messed up, it looked like it had reverted to a desktop from about 2 years ago. Programs that had been installed were no longer visible, etc etc.


Fortunately a restore point had been created and I was able to do a system restore to recover my desktop etc. But now I'm in full backup, virus scan and all other time killing activities just when I didn't want to be.


Not a great experience.



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Re: Problems after update to

Hi FinianLennon

Can I suggest that if you get anything like this again a computer restart or few computer restarts may sort the problem out, also you might like to run live updates as many times as it takes to get, no more live updates, restarting after every update.