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Quarantine vs. Remove

Why does Norton quarantine viruses instead of removing them altogether? How can they be totally removed once quarantined?

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Re: Quarantine vs. Remove

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So the user can restore objects if need be.  (for all Malware)


Reasons for example


a)  Norton has detected a PUP (symantec as a PUA) but the user actually wants that PUP so goes into the Quarantine to restore the items.


b) Norton has detected a False Positive, so what was detected was not malware but a legit file for a program, for instance, so the user needs to restore the items from the quarantine for what Norton should not detect.


c)  A file that is infected but is also required by Windows like NDIS.sys should not be removed by Norton but dealt with correctly, so the user needs to restore the items from quarantine in the meantime and the infection dealt with correctly by other means. But at least by having the file restored Windows is working correctly allowing the uiser to get help.


All AV's and even the tools (or most of them) have Quarantines