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Registry Cleaner

Does 360 have registry cleaner?

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Re: Registry Cleaner

Hi sgmperez,


Welcome to the forum.


Norton 360 does have a Registry Cleanup feature.

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Re: Registry Cleaner


   Welcome to Norton Community. It does includes a Registry cleaner. Goto Pc tuneup->view details->Run Registry Cleanup


It will do a mild scan over the Registry Errors. If you want to know about Registry cleaners in Detail Please pay a visit here.

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Re: Registry Cleaner

I would recommend not using any Registry Cleaner unless you know you have a problem and know enough about how the registry works to know whether what the Cleaner wants to do is safe or not .... and not many people do know much about the registry ...


And if your Registry CLeaner does not tell you in advance what it is going to do and give you an opportunity to tell it not to ... avoid it like the plague ....

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Re: Registry Cleaner

It has a registry cleaner that will break things like all the other automated registry cleaners do.


Be sure to have System Restore enabled or you will lose those changes forever and there is no preview/Are you sure? prompt.

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