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Reinstall Norton 360 & transferring Log ins (Passwords)



I hope this isn't too confusing....


I just got a brand new hard drive on my desktop, so I don't have my Norton 360 on it. But I do have the original drive ("D") that is still operational (and bootable).


Here's my questions.


~ Can I run the Norton's 360 from the original "D" drive? Or do I have to reinstall it on both of the hard drives?


~ Is there a way to copy my "Log Ins" from the D drive to the C drive?


~ Last question. I had 3 computers available. I have used all 3 downloads. One of the downloads was used for the Desktop (and is still installed in the bootable D drive. Will I still be able to reinstall in on the new C drive. It is the same computer, just different drive. Or do I have to uninstall it from the D drive and reinstall it on the C drive (this is the part that is confusing me).


Any help anyone can send me would be wonderful.



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Re: Reinstall Norton 360 & transferring Log ins (Passwords)

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Welcome to the Norton Community

Thank you for contacting us regarding the issue you are having with your Norton Product.


1 You cannot run Norton from the relocated drive. You should reinstall on your new drive C


2 If you boot from your original drive and open Norton 360 you can go into Manage Backups and export your ID safe settings to an npm file. When you have Norton 360 installed on your new drive you can now import from that npm file


3 Your subscription should be OK on this machine, just go ahead and install Norton 360. Your subscription key is in a file called Norton 360_Key.txt on your original drive under \My Documents\Symantec If, however, you do get any issues you can contact customer support and they can sort things for you.


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Re: Reinstall Norton 360 & transferring Log ins (Passwords)

Hi icechips,


You can download and install Norton 360 on C:\drive separately. You can download Norton 360 from any of the following links according to the product you have brought(click on the link to to start the download):


For Norton 360:
For Norton 360 Premier Edition:


You can activate it using the same Product Key. For using the Log-ins from D:\drive, you need to backup the identity safe info as .npm file by booting the D:\drive. Then transfer this .npm file to the pendrive/CD, boot your computer to C:\drive and restore the .npm file. Here are the steps for your reference:

- Start Norton 360.
- Click Settings.
- Click Identity protection.
- Click Configure next to Backup Identity safe data.
- Follow the onscreen instructions and save it to your desktop. The saved file will have a .npm extension.
- Now copy this .npm file to CD/pendrive and boot your C:\drive.
- Start Norton 360 and go to Identity Protection.
- Click Configure next to Restore Identity safe data.
- Select the .npm file from CD/pendrive and restore it.


No problem in using Norton 360 in both drives. Norton 360 is supported in multi-boot computers. As you are installing on the same computer, there won't be any problem with the license. You can contact Customer Service if you encounter any problem with installation/activation.