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Reloading Norton360 after a hard drive crash

I had to reload my OS last month after a nasty crash.  I have Norton360 and you can put that on up to 3 computers under the same license.  I already have it loaded on a laptop so that's 2 out of 3 computers used under the license.  Well I reloaded it on my desktop after the crash and it thought I loaded it on a 3rd computer.  I didn't care at the time because I wasn't going to use it on 3 computers anyway.  Well I care now because I have to reload my OS again because of a nasty crash.  Well I don't have any computers left under this license.  So my question is, how do I remove computers from the license?  I'm only currently using this product on 1 computer so I'd like to remove the other 2 computers from the license so I can reload it on my computer after the reinstall.  Please help. 


Thank you

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Re: Reloading Norton360 after a hard drive crash

Hi jd,


No worries, symantec foresaw things like this happening and gave end-users some leeway when activating norton products. Symantec allows users a few extra activations (you install your product and connect to the internet) in a given time frame in case you have to reinstall it for whatever reason. The 3 computer license means you cannot have three computers using your product under that subscription key at any given time. Symantec doesn't actually keep a record of what 3 specific computers you install your product on. That would be annoying overtime.


Basically, you should have no trouble reinstalling norton 360 again on another 2 computers if you choose to do so. Symantec only gets suspicious if they find you activating your product like (my guesstimate) 5+ times a week, or if symantec counts more than three computers phoning home for liveupdate under your license in a very short time frame.


Hope this helps!



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Re: Reloading Norton360 after a hard drive crash

Hi Jdaley,


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You can uninstall/reinstall the Norton 360 program on the same computer for any number of times.No need to worry about license, you can go ahead with using Norton 360 on the same computer without any problem (even after formatting/reinstalling Windows/replacing harddrive etc in case of Windows crash or harddrive failure). If, and Only If  you face any issues with activation/installation of Norton 360 in any of these 3 computers, then contact the Symantec Customer Services. You can download Norton 360 3.0 from any of the following links according to the product you have brought(click on the link to to start the download):


For Norton 360:
For Norton 360 Premier Edition:



Make sure that you have the Product key for activation and also backup the identity Safe Settings, save the .NPM file to external drive or CD so that you can import those settings after reinstallation.