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Renew or Buy New?

My Norton 360 2.0 (non-premier; I don't need 10GB upload storage) is due to expire on January 3.  If I renew the same program through the Norton website via my current program, it will cost me $69.99, but I have found some websites that sell the same program for $59.99 and some eBay vendors whose auctions end even lower than that.  Is there a down-side with buying and installing a new program purchased from someone else rather than renewing via  Thanks for any info.  Nancy
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Re: Renew or Buy New?

You might be able to buy the new for a lot less.  I purchased Norton 360 with a coupon code I found by googling "norton 360 coupon".  I found a site that had a coupon code with 50% off the purchase price.  If I hadn't found that coupon code, I'd still be using AVG and Zone alarm.. :)  I'm hoping that I can find a coupon for renewal when my time runs out, (next december..).  If just re-purchasing the package with a code is more cost effective, that's what I'll do.





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Re: Renew or Buy New?

Hi Nancyboy,


If you can get a new Norton 360 in a lesser price than the subscription renewal, go for that. You don't have to install that. Instead, you can just re-activate the currently installed Norton 360 using the new Product Key when it's subscription ends/expires. Also, you may be able to upgrade to the next version(Norton 360 3.0) when it is available.