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Renewal Questions



After Norton 360™ Version 5.0 Premier Edition Subscription Renewal, I did the activation and I still have some questions:


1.When doing the activation the system asked me for the key and I typed the same one I had last year. After the activation had been supposedly completed, the system gave me the key and it turned out to be the same one. Was the activation sucessfuly done? If yes, why I didn't get a different product key number?


2. When I click on Norton, under "SUBSCRIPTION STATUS" says: 379 days remaining

(I understand this) and then: "Renew" in yellow letters. What do I need to do about this "renew" request?


I appreciate your help, I need to solve this asap since I am very busy!!!


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Re: Renewal Questions



the upgrade license will basicly just extend you current one, and this is why you needed the same product key for the activation. The upgrade license is a shorter one, and that cannot be used for (re)activation.


For your second question: just ignore that Renew text/button. It is how the product was develeped. It will be there from the first day of your subscription to the last one as well...

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