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Security Alert - Cannot remove trust for network and other

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I noticed I was connected to a shared network with the following IP and subnet:

This is NOT my router's internal IP number, which is


Is this somehow still my router?


I tried to click on the Action pane's buttons of "Remove Trust" and "Restrict" and was getting the following security alert:

The Action Did Not Succeed

The message does not contain a valid description of the network



Although cannot be changed, it is still running parallel at times (not always) with my known, real network.  What do you think this is? 


I have two other items I would like to check on that are in the Network Connections logs as well:

1.  "Connected to... Network"  (Isn't this the loopback?  I'm guessing this is okay, but would like to check.)

2.  "Connected to...Network"  (Isn't this my System?  Okay or not?)


Additional info to help:

1.  I share files with another user on this computer, but DO NOT share files with any other computer on my network or otherwise (that I know of).

2.  I have a NetGear Stora external drive and wireless printer that are connected to the network through the router. 

3.  I noticed that I do have unusual things happening that may or may not be related to the above:

    a.    Not long ago, my Windows Network Connections screen went blank.  Nothing.  I had no LAN set up.  I retried to set everyting up using the wizards, etc. and although everything would work fine and I would get a message that set-up was complete, nothing would ever show up on the Network Connections page.   I ended up removing and reinstalling the network adaptor.  When I did that, it set up my new connection as "Local Area Connection 2".  Maybe this is okay, I don't know.  I don't, to my knowledge, have a "Local Area Connection 1".  Is it the old one, perhaps?

   b.   Iexplore.exe has one or more windows open even though I am using Firefox, not internet explorer.

   c.   I have two explorer.exe's running, one of them with high priority, even though only one user if logged on.

   d.   I noticed that for whatever reason, most of my desktop and other files I open and visit are making a copy of themselves as an html file.  I happened to notice it when I searched for pfirewall.log file.  I noticed the normal one in c:\windows\ and two others at file:///c:/mycomputer/pfirewall.log (with forward slashes and internet explorer icons.


Maybe this is all normal; maybe I set stuff up incorrectly.  Whatever help you can give, would be great.






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Re: Security Alert - Cannot remove trust for network and other

[ Edited ]  and192.168.1.1 are both for your router every pc has these addresses like this


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Re: Security Alert - Cannot remove trust for network and other

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Do the 'iexplore' windows appear as soon as you logon ?

Are they minimised to the taskbar ?

Can you close them, and do they stay closed.


I might have missed it in your post, but what OS are you using.

The Local area connection is your card to your router, the numbers do vary, I've got one at 8 at the moment.