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Suspicious Cloud virus

Hey everyone,


I'm in tears right now trying to fix this. I am a teacher and taking a doctoral class, so not having a computer is killing me.


About a week or so Norton started saying that I had this virus and then said it removed it (but it didn't because it keeps coming back). I'm paranoid about starting any project right now for fear my computer is going to crash so I'm putting off doing stuff.


I have Norton 360 and also added the program spyhunter (I know having two antivirus programs are bad). 


I've tried everything including running scans in safe mode and running Norton's Power Eraser. 


I would be eternally grateful if someone could help me.





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Re: Suspicious Cloud virus

Hi David,

Welcome to Norton Community!

Let us know the following information:

- Version of Norton 360 you have.

- Your Operating System.

- The Files detected as Cloud Virus, you can find it from the Security History.

In meantime, you can try the suggestions from the following thread:


You can also try creating Norton Bootable Recovery tool in CD through another computer, and use it:


Let us know if you get any detections.



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Re: Suspicious Cloud virus

hi -  i have a windows xp and when i installed norton 360, i also started seeing the suspicious cloud warning every time i turned my pc on.  i also started having problems on start up with the sonic update manager. it would continually try to run even tho i would try and cancel it out.  i am not computer smart by any means, and most of the answers to resolve issues on this forum are way over my head.  i did get tired of fighting the sonic update manager, and went to the add/remove programs and just uninstalled it.  didnt cause any other problems, and also the suspicious cloud was gone.  its been about a month now and still the problem is resolved.  hope this might help you....

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Re: Suspicious Cloud virus

Conflicts between two real-time products can also cause false positves, and other issues.  Spyhunter should be removed, and then scan again to see if the removal has resolved the issue.

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Re: Suspicious Cloud virus

try running a scan via windows Defenedr 

Try McAfee stinger its not an AV but its a scanner that scans for few threats 


press windows key+R type msconfig > and open start up and see for odd start up names like 


xxcve.exe or just ones that are suspicious open windows task manager or use process explorer to check for suspicious process dont terminate any process without confirmation 


try hijack this and post the log file for ppl here to check if their is a malware issue in your computer


turn off realtime

 protection in Malwarebytes and windows defender update both and run a scan 

Also change the firewall settings of Norton To Advanced this will alert you when any(safe ones too!!) program show network activity

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Re: Suspicious Cloud virus

Mcafee Stinger is so old in terms of the Malware / Rootkit detection 


other instructions are so broad someones going to make a screw up.