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Teamviewer 7

Hi I use Teamviewer and since the upgrade from V6 to V7 I am getting connection issues, Teamviewer have suggested trying to add the programme to the exclusion list, I don't know how I do this, can anyone send me a link to instructions or talk me through the process?




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Re: Teamviewer 7



please do these steps:

1. Open Norton 360
2. Click on Settings
3. Go to the Firewall Settings -> Program Control tab
4. Find your application on the list, or if it's not listed click Add (Browsre the program and click OK)
5. Change the rule to Allow
6. Click Apply to save the changes and close Settings.

Let us know the results.

Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro x64 Hungarian, Norton 360 v21.3.0.12