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I have a virus that Norton 360 is not resolving.  I have gone through the guided steps to uninstall and reinstall Norton 360, however, the process suggests the reinstall program fails.  I've tried numerous times and get the same failed results.

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Re: Uninstall/Reinstall

To get you the best advice, would you give us some more information about your system:

What version of Windows are you using including Service Packs and whether 32 bit or 64 bit as well as the Name and Version ID of the Norton product that you are using -- Help or Support / About is where that is, in the format of nn.nn.nn.nnn   where n is a number.

If you have the COMCAST version of Norton 360 / Security Suite and not the normal commercial version please be sure to tell us.

If you get any error messages please give the exact wording of them as well as any other background that could be helpful.


Can you tie anything into when it "stopped working" and say what exactly you mean by that -- what did not work?

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Re: Uninstall/Reinstall


Hi tliddiard,


Malware can often block a security program from installing properly.  What is the name of the threat that Norton was unable to remove?