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Uninstalling and deactivating 360 on PC



I am going to be using a new Windows 7 PC soon to replace my old XP, and would like to know how I can deactivate Norton on this old PC so I can use Norton 360 on my new computer (I already have reached my 3 computer limit). I won't be using this PC regularly so I'll have no need to have Norton installed. Can someone give me a tutorial on how to do this? Thanks.

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Re: Uninstalling and deactivating 360 on PC

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No problem -- it is best to uninstall from the old PC so you can tell Norton that you are no longer using it.


Then install N 360 on the new PC and go to your existing Norton Account to activate it. It will probably say you have exceeded the permittted number of installations so just go to Norton OnLine Support via the CHAT route as below and tell them the background. They will sort it out quickly and painlessly.


One important thing to bear in mind is that your new PC will probably come with a trial installation of some security product, maybe Norton but not likely to be N 360 so you need to uninstall it first and then run a special clean up tool that you can download from the website of the security program -- we can give you the link when you tell us what the preinstalled program is.


Another thing is that if you plan to reinstall from your N 360 DVD you may prefer to download the matching file from below since it is the current version and will save you from downloading updates and upgrades, depending on which version of N 360 you have. The Keys are not interchangeable.


New N360 V5: Click on the link that matches your version:


Norton 360 v5 Standard:  << version with 2GB of online storage


Norton 360 v5 Premier: http://www.norton_co​m/n360p_5/    << version with 25GB of online storage


Make sure you get the right version since the keys are not interchangeable. SAVE the file where you can find it -- do not run it from the download site when Windows asks what you want to do.


You can download that file on any computer and transfer it to a thumbdrive to install on another.


When it asks you to activate it you can click on Renew and link to your existing Norton Account. -- on N 360 I think it's click on Subscribe to activate or on Account to go to MyNortonAccount on line.


Hope tht helps but ask if you have any questions and let us know about the new PC before you try to install your N 360 on it.