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What parts of the latest build of 360 work with Chrome?

I'm changing browsers, IE has become too buggy and unstable.  I've been doing the research between Firefox and Chrome, but it's hard to find out any information on how well 360 works with these browsers.  I'm currently using Chrome, and I know that Identity Safe is working, but I'm not sure what other parts will work as well.  Intrusion protection,cleaning up files and temp files, and tuning up are the most important.  Can anyone tell me, or at least tell me where I can find this information?

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Re: What parts of the latest build of 360 work with Chrome?

N360 will not remove Chrome history or temp files.  The only extension in Chrome is the Norton Toolbar which provides Identity Protection and the SafeWeb icons along side search results.  There are other layers of protection that will keep you safe when using Chrome.


N360 can clean Firefox temp files and Firefox history.   There are two extensions in Firefox, the Norton Toolbar and Norton Vulnerability Protection.


I hope this helps, but let us know if you need more help.



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