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Why doesn't N360 detect Total Vista Security???

I was just infected, even with an updated N360 running. I even ran a scan once I got the rogue warnings. I searched for threats and fixes on Then I visit your forums, and see posts there from last year. You obviously know about the trojan virus, WHY DONT YOU FIX IT! What good is purchasing your protection if IT DOESNT WORK?

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Re: Why doesn't N360 detect Total Vista Security???

Hello! Welcome to the Norton community!


Calm down! No 100% protecion is guaranteed as nothing in this world is 100% but Norton is one of the best security products out there , if not the best one.


If you want , you can be helped here .

The information you provided is insufficent .

# Please , download HiJackThis (the executable) from


1. When the download has finished , right click the file and rename it to something random like Baloon.exe

2. Run the renamed HijackThis

3. Press the button "Do a scan and save a log file"

4. A pop-up from Notepad will appear . Please , save the file and use the attachment option of the forum to post the HJT log file in your next reply.



# Download and run Malwarebytes' AntiMalware (MBAM) from


1. When the download has finished , install the program with default options

2. At the end , make sure you leave it update itself

3. It should start automatically . If not , run it by yourself . If there is a problem , notify the forum

4. Perform Quick scan and remove anything MBAM finds


At the end , it will generate a log file , which you could save and attach here.




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Re: Why doesn't N360 detect Total Vista Security???

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The "Antivirus 2010" family (Total Vista Security is one) causes problems with .exe's even if renamed "balloon.exe" :smileywink:


Instructions here  You will see yours listed under the "Windows Vista Rogue Name"


Make sure you do all the steps in order, 1 through to 14


the Family keeps having changes to avoid detection





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Re: Why doesn't N360 detect Total Vista Security???

Hello ppager


The problem with this particular class of malware is that it is continually changing names and what it does. It's a never ending race and unfortunately most of the time, it's the malware that wins out. The antivirus programs try and keep up and they do a pretty good job. Symantec can adjust their definitions lets say tomorrow, but by then there are more variations and changes and all it takes is a tiny change to let it slip thru Norton's. Even if it keeps the same name, it has already changed.

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