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Windows 7/ Norton 360/6 printing problems

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I am running Norton 360 V6 on two virtually identical networked Windows 7 computers (and before that Vista)  with an HP L7780 wireless/USB printer in the network. In addition I am running an old HP 4 Laser printer (LPT) connected to one of the computers by USB port and a Belkin adapter. I have been running this setup with several versions of 360. I have never been able to get one of the computers to print to the HP L7780 even with full trust settings with either wirelessly or through a USB port but it works fine from the other computer. The computer and 360 detect the printer and I can scan from it (it’s a multifunction), just not be able to print. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the printer multiple times. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling 360 and using full trust settings to no avail.

Last week the old HP4 printer gave me some problems when I tried to reconnect the USB adapter connection (never resolved but works fine with other computer and worked  fine previously on this computer). I tried changing the ports which usually fixes the problem and set it to a port that I had designated for the printer that had never printed. Amazingly the “bad” printer which I’d never been able to get to work  printed a test page from the formerly “good”  HP4 (with some formatting errors, etc.) Both were on the same USB port simultaneously and apparently together. When I changed ports to add a printer it kept them both. I am baffled why the “bad” printer won’t print even though it prints without a problem from a virtually identical laptop also running Windows 7 and version 6 360. I had read on a Norton forum once that if you have a problem with a printer in 360 installations that the program “remembers” and blocks that printer “forever”. I am inclined to believe it especially now that another printer accidentally printer to the “bad” printer through a mixed up USB port. However it doesn’t work with Norton 360 firewall disable either.

As I mentioned both printer work fine through a virtually identical computer and software/operating system setup and neither on the offending computer will even work with the  Norton 360 firewall disable although the old HP4 formerly did. I have tried multiple times to uninstall ports and printers and Norton 360 to no avail.

I would appreciate any ideas or help. Sorry for convoluted explanation.

John Teufel



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Re: Windows 7/ Norton 360/6 printing problems

That was a little difficult to follow.  I'm a fan of bullet statements.


heh...HP LaserJet 4's are like the old Datsun 510s...ubiquitous and take forever to die off.


I'm not sure 360 is the wrench in the tranny here, especially since the scanner portion works (more so if the scan is initiated at the scanner rather than the PC; if Norton didn't like it, that'd be the first to get blocked).


I'd look at your printer drivers, driver/configuration, and Windows spooler (which tends to go out to lunch and either a restart of the spooler service or a reboot fixes it).


Is the wireless printer's IP static or reserved?  If not, DHCP can change its IP address, breaking the driver's connection to it.  The scanner would still work since it has software on the PC listening for it, making its IP address moot.


If fanangling the drivers proves unfruitful, I would uninstall all printer, scanner, adapter drivers, reboot, clean temp files, then install one printer (the new one I would think) using one interface (Ethernet w/static IP) on all computers and make sure that stays working for a bit before installing the other printer.

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Re: Windows 7/ Norton 360/6 printing problems



You take me back since I had one of the first LJ4's, in the UK, with the paper wrinkling problem but HP sent a techie to replace the fuser when they eventually tracked it down which was pretty good for a home user!


Just checked my memory on the HP website for LJ4   [Don't know why they shrunk the font!]



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so I imagine you are using either a serial to USB or a Parallel to USB adapter .... which is it?


Elsewhere I do support we find in general that serial to USB adapters are pretty chancy but if it was working OK can you trace what may have changed?


On WiFi connections to printers we find it best to set up the network via a wired connection first and then when it is working OK to switch to WiFi.


Is every PC on this network running Windows 7 or is it a mix? If it is a mix it is important not to use the Windows 7 Default Homegrooup but to set the LAN up using either the old Workgroup or anything else since Homegroup is dedicated by Microsoft to Windows 7 ONLY.


Just general points I'm afraid but someone here will have more specific information about Norton 360 if that is the trigger.

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Re: Windows 7/ Norton 360/6 printing problems

Your mention of the printers still not working with the 360 firewall disabled would seem to rule out Norton as the culprit.


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