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back up failed---how to fix

I am running Win 8 and Norton 360 and multiple times I have had it come w/back up failed.  Eventually it does back up.  I have another back up program so I'm not too worried. But I paid for 360 to do what it is supposed to do.  How do I fix this.  And please don't tell me it's because of the other program.  They've been running together ever since I've had 360. Likewise I run other anti-mal/spy/adware i was having problems w/the back=upprograms.  I did that because of continuos infections.  The first time I ran SpyBot, it detected all of those I had been battling for weeks.  And it isn't them.  I was having the back up problems before that.



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Re: back up failed---how to fix

Hello SBTLady.


Welcome to the Norton Community Forums. :smileyhappy:


Though given your long standing problems I am surprised this is your first visit.  I hope we can help.


When the N360 backup fails - why does it say it failed?  If you cannot remember going to Backup - View Details - Details may give some useful information.


Roughly how much are you backing up, on what are you backing it up and how is it being backed up (e.g. Automatic, schedule, or manual)?


Unless the two backup programs try and run at the same time, which they might under automatic or even schedule, I don't think they should impact on each other.


I am not sure I understand your "Likewise I run other anti-mal/spy/adware i was having problems w/the back=upprograms."


It appears that you may be running two anti-malware programs.  It is generally agreed that it is NOT a good idea to run two anti-malware programs at the same time, but I think that should still not impact on the backup.


If you do have malware on your system then it may well be impacting on the backup and infecting it.  So I would recommend that you try and get to the bottom of that before worrying further about the backup.  However I am not the person to give you assistance on that, I am sorry to say.


Do let us know how you get on, and feel free to come back if you need more information or want anything clarified.