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Forum blocked

A forum I have been a member of for a few years will not now open.


I had this a couple of months ago but it resolved itself somehow.




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Accepted Solution
Question about the Norton 360 Multi-Drive version

Is the Norton 360 part of "Norton 360 Mulit-Drive" the same as the stand-alone Norton 360 (Pro?) version or is it a cut-down version in some way?

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Configure firewall in Norton 360 so that I can participate in Webinars?

I just purchased a new laptop preloaded with Windows 8. I also purchased Norton 360. I need to be able to participate in Webinars. However, I cannot figure out how to configure the Norton 360 firewall to allow the GoToMeeting application to execute. Any ideas?

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Install Norton360 on a new computer!?



I have installed my product on 3 computers. I just bought a new computer and would like to install 360 on that computer. Can I uninstall it on my old computer, and install it on my new computer without buying a new product?

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Norton 360 disabled and Password reset

Woke up this morning to my Norton 360 telling me it had been deactivated.  Followed the procedure for reactivation (glad I had wrote down my key somewhere!  I usually never do that :smileyhappy:). 

Later on checked my emails and I ALSO got a message from NortonAccount@symantec.com notifying me that my password had been reset.  I did not request this.

Looking through the forum, I see that this second problem, at least, was a known issue a few weeks ago? 

What's going on?

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Accepted Solution
Can Send but not receiving mail in WLM
mail problems

There can be sent but not received messages for the account Fasttvnet (xxxxxx.xxx). There was a timeout while communicating with the server.
The server POP3 has not responded in 120 seconds. Do you want to wait further 120 sec. On the server responds.
Item: Fasttvnet (henning reverse)
server pop3.mail.dk
Goods STOP

Server: 'pop3.mail.dk'
Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC19
Protocol: POP3
Port: 110
Secure (SSL): No

The error typically occurs after 1-2 hours.
Until then works mail's, and can be sent and received mail's

If the computer is restarted, you can use mail's without problem in a few hours
Then the error comes.

Status now:
Scanning incoming mail in Norton 360 is deselected still the same error
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Norton 360 - "We are unable to proceed with Norton Account at this time. Please try again later"
[ Edited ]

The above subject header is the problem I'm having. About a week ago I received this advice:



   Please go to https://manage.norton.com> sign-in with your Norton account email and password-> go to My Account -> under products select your active Norton360-> remove the license next to your computer by clicking on trash can->open N360->click on support->subscription status->it'll prompt you to activate->copy the key from the same page (from where you've removed the license)->activate N360->now logout from the manage icon->try to activate the backup.


you can identify the computer using the device name, to find the device name press the windows logo and pause/break on the keyboard at the same time and refer the computer name.

 I followed this advice, and removed both active licenses that showed. I then activated my account by copying the key as instructed.  And after logging out of Manage, I tried to activate the backup for the hundredth time. The result? The exact same message. I cannot activate Online backup, and I want to know what I have to do to get it. I have been getting this message ever
since immediately after installing Norton 360 on this computer. I have wasted countless hours trying to fix this. NOW I WANT TO KNOW JUST WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET BACKUP WORKING!
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Using Norton 360 Backup to backup to a CD disk

If I use Norton Backup to do a manual backup to a CD or DVD disk, am I limited to doing just one backup on that disk, and then must use a new, blank one for the next backup? I ask this because I tried to use Windows 7's backup utility for this, it did its first backup fine, but then when it came time for the second, I was prompted to insert a new blank disk. The total amount of data I want to backup is less than 50 meg, a CD disk will hold some 700 meg. The whole idea is automation, doing backups without having to think about it. Having to insert a new disk every single time defeats the purpose aside from wasting all that space on each disk.

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Email list blocked

Attempted to send out my club email list but was stopped by my Norton as "to many in session".  How do I turn this off so I can send my list?

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Norton 360 shows 'at risk'

My system shows 'at risk'  - 'your PC needs to be scanned' despite the fact that I've run scans the status remains unchanged. Also, the firewall switched itself off to also highlight an 'at risk' situation but I was able to reactivate that ok. Anybody got any clues? Thanks.

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Accepted Solution
How can I replace a license after I have used the 3 allowable?

We have 2 laptops and a desktop PC using the 3 allowable licenses from our Norton 360. We want to replace the desktop with another laptop. Is there a way of essentially transferring the protection from the desktop PC to the laptop? This would keep us within the allowable limit of 3.

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Missing Emails & Outgoing Errors

First, here is a bit of background information....

My desktop system:
    Dell Optiplex GX280
    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz
    1 GB RAM

My operating system:
    Microsoft Windows XP Pro Ver 2002 SP3

My software:
    Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 SP3
    Norton 360 Premier Edition Ver
        Last Update:  this morning 8:30am
        Last Scan:  this morning 2:30am

My connectivity:
    Time Warner Cable (business level)

My two part problem...
1.)  I have been told I have been sent an email, yet never receive it.  I have checked my Outlook Junk E-mail as well as quarantine folder, but both have remained empty.  I have tried searching through Norton to find an email quarantine folder (found the general virus quarantine but nothing for emails).  The only log concerning email I have found was under Security History >> Internet >> Email Errors, which does indicated some problems with my outgoing email, but none with incoming.  (So I have NO idea how many emails I should have received, but didn't.)  Which leads me to...

2.)  I have emails that get blocked from going out.  I double checked and not all emails that have been blocked had multiple receipents and/or attachments.  One example, on November 13, I attempted to email a local copy shop to get a quote on a print job.  The email was sent to one receipent in the TO field and two receipents in the CC field.  The email was rich text with no imbedded images, no attachments, and was 718 characters in length (not including spaces).  When I attempted to send the email, I hit SEND in Outlook, watched as the progress in the lower right hand corner stated "Sending message 1 of 1..." then "Send/Recieve Complete."  The message then appeared in my Sent items folder.  A minute or so later, a Norton popup box appeared with the following error message...

    Category: Email Errors
    Date & Time:        11/13/2012 2:27 PM
    Risk:            High
    Activity:            "Your email message was unable to be sent because the connection to your mail server was interrupted. Please open your email client and re-send the message from the Sent Messages folder."
    Status:            Error
    Recommended Action:    No Action Required
Unfortunately when this message appears, my receipent(s) do not receive the email and I would then have to go back into the Sent folder, select my message, then Actions from the toolbar to select "Resend this message..."  On this particular occasion, I only needed to retry sending it once.  On other occasions, it would require more than one attempt.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when this happens.  It can occur in a message with 10 receipents or 1 - with or without attachments.

If I turn the Norton 360 email scanning and spam completely off in Norton, I do not seem to have a problem with the outgoing messages, but that leaves my messages unscanned and I still have no idea where those lost incoming messages are.

Any help resolving these issues are greatly appreciated.

Any help resolving these issues are greatly appreciated.

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Accepted Solution
iuLive Update not Updating

Hello -

I started noticing yesterday (11/27/'12) that "Live Update" seemed to be stuck. Now this morning it shows "Definitions updated: 22 hours ago" When I try to run it manually it tells me it has "Completed" and that updates are not required. I receive the message "Your Norton product has the latest protection updates".


I have always had multiple updates throughout the day until yesterday. My question then - is this what Live Updates does now? Or is there something wrong?



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Norton 360 and Magellan GPS internet updates.
Recently bought a Magellan GPS unit that I am having problems downloading updates from computer and installing the new software. When the update is just about complete I get a popup saying that I have disconnected the GPS from the computer and that I should try again. All along it is connected to the computer. I've tried to do this with Norton 360 on and with Norton 360 firewall and anti virus off. Same difference. Any ideas please?
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Software needs exception.

I downloaded a scrabble game software from http://www.scrabblepro.com/scrabblepro.php. I had no problem with the download but when it came to  installing it, my Norton 360, stopped the installation and even deleted the executable file from my computer. It is even stopping me from re-downloading. Being very curious I wrote a ticket on the website and told them about it. Their advice was to add an exception. I do not have much experience with software needing exceptions and was wondering how safe it was. My instinct says no but I'm curious as the website  including the comments seemed legit enough.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Can't open D-Link Router coinfg page

As per the maunal I enter in IE9


It gives me a generic message that it can't open the page.


Can someone point me in the right direction.


I have tried adding that address to trusted sites in IE.



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Is there a way to stop Norton's from Renewing(Solved)
[ Edited ]

Disregard. Problem solved.




I hope there is a solution for this. I had 3 computers setup for my installation and now 2 of them I no longer have access to since they are with my ex-wife. I was hoping there was a way to keep hers from renewing when I renewed mine come April.


Is there anyway to keep this from happening?



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When I see /edgedesk/cgi-bin/global.exe, is that good news or bad?

I lately downloaded an authentic news article. Since then, I get the message:


NOT FOUND The requested URL /edgedesk/cgi-bin/global.exe was not found on this server.


A Google search brings up 1000s of results, all of them apparently aimed at loading unwelcome commercial messages onto my screen. Any ideas? Will the Russian Mob show up at my door? Homeland Security? The Boy Scouts? What's going on?


Thanks for any reassurances or warnings of dire consequences.


Bill P

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360 2013 Premier : Full System Scan hangs on Norton definitions folder!
[ Edited ]



I'm running Norton 360 Premier 2013 (version on Windows 8 Pro (4 core, 16 GB RAM) . When I did a Full System Scan for the first time, the Scan process hung on the following folder:




This folder is about 200MB in size & contains several subfolders. The Full Scan could not progress past this folder. After 20 minutes without further progress, I clicked "Stop" within the Full Scan window. The status changed to "Pausing...", but again after 30 minutes the Full Scan window has not been able to stop its processing.


I am concerned to see that the product can be hung scanning its own files!


Any suggestions appreciated.





UPDATE : 11/26/2012 : After posting my original message, I rebooted the computer & manually scanned the \Definitions folder. This completed successfully with no issues. I then ran the Full System Scan again. This time, the process hung while "Initializing.." After 30 minutes, I tried to cancel without success. At this point, I'm guessing the Norton 360 Premier 2013 has been corrupted somehow.


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N360's Firewall stopping networked PCs, even though all are set to Full Trust
[ Edited ]

I have 3 PCs, all running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium, all with the latest version of N360 (, all connected to the same switch, which is connected to a router, and from there to my ISP.    All PCs are on the same workgroup, all have network discovery and file and printer sharing turned on, etc.   All can independently access the internet.


Problem: none of the none of the PCs can see other in Windows Network.  N360 is at least part of the problem. 


When I ping the PCs from a command prompt, the ping is unsuccessful.   However, if I turn off N360's firewall, the PCs can successfully ping each other.    However, they still don't show up in Windows Explorer's Network and Sharing Center.


With the N360 firewall turned on, all the PCs do show up in N360's Network Security Map.  I have set each of them to ''Full Trust'' in Trust Control.  I have set the default Network Trust level to ''Shared''.


Why is N360's firewall blocking my own network PCs, even though I have set them all to ''Full Trust""...?!    What can I do to have the PCs show up again in the Windows Network & Sharing Center...?    

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SONAR protection

My Norton 360 is at risk, as the SONAR protection isn't working properly, it was alright beforehand but now my Norton is messing up saying I am at risk. I've done a scan but still the SONAR protection says it's a risk.



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180 Day Trial for Norton

Hi Guys,


Any one is having 180 Day Trial Norton 360 program for Netbook? 

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What has hit me?

Hi all

Anyone had a similar experience recently?

This morning, turned on laptop, black-and-grey screen you usually don't see unless you key Fsomething during bootup.

"Windows cannot start" (or words to that effect) "this may be due to a recent update or...". I've had so many problems with computers you'd think I'd read the screens but I never seem to learn. I simply clicked the offered option to auto-repair which "may take several minutes".

After a half-hour or so the screen cheerfully informed me Windows had not been able to automatically repair itself and would I like to send this information (to...?) or not? I clicked yes. Then, from memory, it shut down and I restarted the computer. Or, it restarted. I need a better memory or attention. Anyhow, the expected screen arrived for my computer password, I entered it and all seemed normal.

Until I tried a Norton scan, and the Norton window told me IN RED my updates were out-of-date and automatic-update was unavailable. Then, after a bit of self-consultation, Norton added there were 4 issues to Fix - so I hit Fix and eventually everthing went reassuringly green.

Then I tried a Malwarebytes scan. Malwarebytes complained its database wasn't there - would it like me to go and get the latest one? Yes please. It did and I did a full scan only to see I had no realtime protection!!! I've left that off for the moment as Norton once advised me they prefer Norton to do the realtime Malware protection.

What has hit me? I have downloaded files from Youtube and archive.org but neither of my security programs objected. The last Windows update was on the 15th November (10 days ago) and only Norton and Malwarebytes update daily that I know. Neither of them has fought with the other to this point that I'm aware.

Computer: Toshiba Satellite L840/02K (4 months old)
Windows: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1
Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (PRO)
Norton: Norton 360 Version



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Norton Security Suite 20 firewall question.
[ Edited ]

I just updated to Norton SS 20 from 6. It was a mess as the program kept wanting to install a patch. It finally did.


Anyway, I noticed that where the previous version blocked my WinUtilities program from attempting to update (which was how I set it), 20 doesn;t seem to block the program. I have it set the same way I set 6, but WinUtilities keeps getting through.


Thought I'd mention this as I've been a bit wary of NSS on the last tow version updates (I had some hiccups on 6's early updates as well and even the norton tech had trouble).


Thanks, Kyuzo.

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8506, 421 errors

   I have rebooted my computer several times and still receive the 8506, 421 errors.  I'm especially concerned because my computer is unprotected while Norton 360 is inoperable. 


   I've had similar errors before and they seem to go away after a few hours, but this one hasn't. I've read the forums and  various posts suggest various solutions to the 8506, 421 errors.  Can someone please direct me to the best, most recent and/or definitive answer to this problem? Thanks!

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Accepted Solution
Installing Norton 360 on another computer

I recently renewed my subcription to Norton 360 on my computer, but cant get it to download to a second computer.  The other computer has Norton Antivirus.  Does this matter?  I keep coming up with a certificate error.

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Removal of scanning of outgoing e-mails with Norton 360

I have just purchased Norton 360. How do I permantly remove scanning of outgoing e-mails as it will not let any e-mails be sent.

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install three products in same pc

Hi I would like to now if it is possible to install those three products: internet security, anti-theft and norton 360 v.7 in same pc?

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Disk Optimization

It has been a week when I did a virus scan my laptop and when it got to the part where it runs the disk optimization, it gives an error. When I click to see the details, it says "Drive C: Error - not completed" Is there a reason as to why this happened? This is the first time that it has happened. The reason I did the scan was because I downloaded something that had a Trojan, but Norton quarantined it. 


Thanks in advance!

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Online backup activation

I am unable to activate my existing Online backup. I have followed the steps to activate the online backup, even thought it has been working fine until late October. When I access the backup via the online site I am prompted the my key which I enter, but it is rejected. The Site show my last backup was in 2010. Who can I talk to to activate my back-up?