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I have lost my Norton 360 toolbar in IE11

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how do i backup Firefox bookmarks in Norton 360

I was told that Norton 360 only backs up IE bookmarks, however I'm using Firefox, how do I back up my Firefox  bookmarks in Norton 360?

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2014 N360...no premier edition?

Amazon is only listing a 'regular' not Premier edition of 2014 N350.


I checked the Symantec product page (http://us.norton.com/products/ ) and it too doesn't list a premier.


So the Premier edition has been dropped?



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Norton 360 Premier flagged Malwarebytes .tmp File

Good morning,


I am currently running Norton 360 Premier with the latest version along with MBAM with the latest version. MBAM claims that these two programs should get along just fine and seem to have so far.


My question is that a couple weeks ago, Norton flagged and quarantined a file in the MBAM folder as trojan.pandex. The file in question is c:\program files (x86)\malwarebytes anti-malware\00025707.tmp. My computer is only about six months old and has been acting fine. It had no symptoms of infection and still doesn't. MBAM has never deteced any malware on this system. 


Running scans with Norton and MBAM in safe mode showed nothing and still don't. I also tried NPE and nothing came up. The computer has been rebooted several times and and nothing has come up.


I posted a question on MBAM's forums and got this response:


This is we are pretty sure norton putting these files there and detecting them. This we dont think is intentional just some quirk with the norton program. I have analyzed files from other users and it contains malware definitions that arent from us. How they are getting in our folder seems to be a result of norton for some reason. These files do not exist on machines that arent running norton.



After asking if this was a false-positive on Norton's part, I got some more information:


they are not malware. They are malware definitions that instruct some program how to detect malware. They arent from malwarebytes though. Best thing to do is submit some of those tmp files to norton and see if they recognize them.


So far, I have seen three MBAM users post the same type of situation on their forums, so this seems to be a pretty common thing. Any information would be greatly appreciated! I just want to make sure my system is safe!

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I keep trying to re install 360 premium, but it keeps coming back to restart computer.

I useed remover to remove old files but keeps coming back to restart

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Norton auto fix error code 8506, 421

When I logged on to my computer this morning I had an error message from Norton Auto Fix that said it had encountered an error and it could not be repaired.  It gave the following error code 8506, 421 and said to contact Norton solutions.  Can you help me with this error code and let me know what the error is related to?  Thanks.

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Can not enable safe search box on tool bar

I just re-installed my Norton360 after a drive wipe.

However, the "Safe Search Window" didn't come back.

Is it hidden and in need to click on something, re-install 360 again, or is is not available now ?

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Norton 360 Quick scan - very very slow/ not finishing

Hello all,


I have been trying to run a 'Quick scan' with Norton 360 over the last couple of days and the scan is very slow.  It usually grinds to a halt around the 1,700 file mark - then ticking over a file every few minutes.

The longest I allowed it to run was 6 hours before rebooting (it was slowing the my machine down). Norton 360 now says my machine is at risk because I have not done a scan.


Whilst doing the quick scan it seems to spend most of its time (many minutes) on individual HKEY_USERS\... and other HKEY_...\... type areas and files.


The last quick scan was on 16/6/2014 with no problems found.


I've run liveupdates a few times - it is up to date and I have rebooted several times.

Tried Support: get support. Everything ok


Downloaded and run the NPE - no problems found


I've done an on-demand scan on the whole OS (C:) disk  - no problems found (and fairly quickly scanned the thousands of files!).


No other security software is installed/running on the machine.

I have tried what was suggested here (turning off compressed file scan) but that hasn't worked.

Any other suggestions. Given my Norton subscription is up for renewal next month it would be great to get it working again.





p.s. my machine is a eMachines netbook running Windows XP, and Norton 360 has been, up to now, working fine over the last couple of years.



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Accepted Solution
Norton 360 to Norton 360 Multi Device

Hi. Yesterday I uninstalled Norton 360 standard edition and installed the Multi-Device edition, everything seems to be working apart from the fact that I can't seem to access my Norton account or set up my online backup.  Everytime I try, I just get a screen saying "We are unable to proceed with Norton account at this time.  Please try again later"


Does anyone have any ideas?

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Firewall blocks windows 7 to xp

I have a peer-to-peer network with 3 XP(SP3) machines and 3 windows 7 machines.  We were having trouble with the internet connection cutting in and out and Verizon tested and sent us a new router.  After connecting up the router we were unable to communicate between the xp and windows 7 machines.  I think I clicked the wrong thing when Norton asked me about the new network. 


With the Norton firewall enabled I cant see from the windows 7 macines to the "server" but I can see to the other xp machines.  When I disable the firewall I can see the server but have no firewall.  Windows Firewall is disabled in both cases.  Please advise.



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Rule Rejected


I just ran a scan, when I checked  security history it said 'Rule Rejected TCB(6).  What does this mean.

I have Norton Security Suite from Comcast.

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Remote Desktop Connection
[ Edited ]

So I've changed Norton Setting to "allow" RDC, but I'm still not able to connect from work to my laptop.  I've looked around pretty good through the Forums and cannot find the answer.  Does anyone have any idea on where to go, what to try and/or the process in general that might be able to help?


Your help really is appreciated. Thank you.

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Accepted Solution
Trojan. viknok activity 3 ?

Norton keeps blocking repeated attempts from trojan viknok activity 3, I have ran scans from malware bytes and super antispyware with no sucess. This trojan keeps being block every 6 seconds when i connect to my network. Is this a new virus because I can not find that much information on it on the web other than what it is ment to do? It also keeps attacking from the same 3 adresses and 3 different computers from what i can see. All i did was surf planetminecraft downloaded a schematic next thing i know my computer restarted and now norton is blocking this trojan every 6 secs. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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Help From Norton

Recently I updated Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, and ran into a few problems.  I realized I needed some good technical help with resolving the issues and contacted Norton via the live chat option.


The technician's name was Maxine C. Fermin, and she was very professional and resolved the problems.  I allowed the remote assistance to my computer and watched everything she did.  She was very quick and knew exactly where to go to fix the issues.  I am most satisfied with the outcome, and I did ask her permission to write a post here stating her name in regards to her proficiency and performing a great job with my computer.


It was yesterday evening when this took place.  Again, I'd like to state how very pleased I am with the good service that was provided to me by Maxine.


Thank you Norton Symantec for offering this service for people like me who just aren't that tech savvy when it comes to more difficult problems.




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Accepted Solution
IE freezes

If I allow either the toolbar/identity protection or vulnerability protection to load into IE within a minute IE freezes for a few minutes. This process continues until I disable them and restart IE. I confirmed the problem is with the Norton products. I disabled everything but the Norton products and the freezing continued. Then I disabled the Norton products with everything else enabled and everything is fine. I am using Vista 64 bit with IE 9 with the latest versions. My Norton 360 is also updated. As a side note it is funny how Norton's own product will not work with their own site for storing the password. I have to enter it in myself. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Can I install Norton 360 Multi Device (up to 5 devices) in all windows machines.


Can I install Norton 360 Multi Device (up to 5 devices) in all windows machines?

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When I try to open norton 360 an error message appears

Whenever I try to open Norton 360 through my taskbar, or through the start menu, windows comes up with a message saying"Norton 360 has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem".

From the tray icons, I can left click the Norton icon, which brings up a menu, allowing me to run quickscan, live update, backup now and more. if I click on any of these it takes me to the relevant page and completes the task. However, if I try to open the Norton "homepage" it comes up with the same error message. If I run Get Support, it checks my instalation etc. without any problems, directing me to come here.

This problem has been ongoing for a few months at least. Sometimes it does work, but in all I am disappointed with teh service offered by Norton. Does anyone know anything about why this is happening, and how I could stop it?

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Accepted Solution
How do I set up which disks are optimized?

I am once again very frustrated with Norton 360 (ver. 20 something) as I have searched but cannot find any way to set up which hard drives are optimized.  It seems my only options are Do It When Scheduled or Do It Now, but no way to tell it which disks to do!  I have spent over an hour going in, out and all through all the menus.  I have a C drive which seems to be on the schedule but I also have an external D drive (USB backup drive) which I would also like it to check.  How do I find the place in Norton 360 where I can do this?  Thanks!

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Norton Security Suite

I posted this message on the wrong board, so will repost here. Thanks

 I installed the anti virus program from my ISP, Comcast. I then made a DVD Bootable Recovery Tool. After installation, it said to use to put in drive and run. It also said I would need a product key. I didn't remember seeing a product key. What am I missing? ThanksCapture Norton Bootable Recovery Tool message after install about product key.JPG

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Accepted Solution
Norton 360 renewal

I have used N360 for some years now and been quite satisfied.

My N360 licence is due for renewal in some 15 days.

However, if I take the auto renewal route I pay some 20 % more than if I download a new version.

This does not reward the loyal customer.

Why can I not get the cheaper price?




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To download my Norton 360 premium edition to this new computer.

I wan yout to download my Norton 360 premium edition to this new Dell Inspirom 3647 computer.  I also have it on my new Droid & my Tishiba laptop.

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Suddenly Norton 360 virus protection is removing wanted files

Nonton 360 virus started identifing and removing a few EXE files that are without question good files.

2 of them are



Any ideas what would cause this?

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Accepted Solution

I have Norton version is this the latest version? What about V5 or v6?

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Renewal Subscription passed due without admin password

A home PC was not used for a period of time. 

I turned it on recently and realized N360 was expired for approx. the last month, The PC has not been online during that period, so I am assuming it is as safe as it was last turned on wih N360 running before this actual needs to renew.

I am asking this question from another PC, to insure the other one stay safe.

On PC needing renewal, I clicked "renew now" from N360 main window. It brought me to a Norton web page, not HTTPS, but http, which is never occured in past, whenever i would do from N360 main window goiing online was always opened in a Norton secured https page. 

Please, help me know why would the renewal be linked to a non-secured site. i am including the http address and a print screen of the page asking 69.99CDN$ (i know it could found at $CDN59 on norton site, but it doesn;t include a coupon #).  

Last, I do not have the admin password on that PC, will i be locked out in the process of renewing the n360 yearly subscription? 

Windows8.1 N360

http page is:  http://buy.norton.com/estore/rc/cart

see print screen.


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Norton keeps blocking an attack. Where could it be coming from? Am I infected?



First of all, thanks to anyone that helps. 


Basic info is that I have Norton 360 and am using Windows 7. 


I don't really use the web too much, same four websites every single day. They're all trustable websites too such as Youtube and Yahoo (I dont click any links or even sign into email there, just read headlines) and my local newspaper headlines. I have been to the same website for the past year or so. Oh I also started using Indeed to search for jobs for over a year but I never click on links that look suspicious. 


But for the past 3 days my Norton keeps blocking a Trojan (Trojan.Boaxxe Activity 2). When I click my history on norton it says system infected but it says blocked and no action required. 


But where is it coming from? Am I infected?


I have not downloaded anything either....


This might be a stupid question but can I get a virus from someone using the same network? My nephew and sister were over the other day using the internet on their phones and they click on random links all the time... I've never heard of anyone getting a virus like that but is it possible?


Any recommendations what I should do?


Thanks again!

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Can't log into vault on a new system

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Norton 360 is blocking me accessing the internet via a BT Wi-Fi Dongle

Finally, I can actually post a message. Norton 360 counts trying to set up my new BT Wi-Fi Dongle when I plug it in after installing its software as an intrusion and blocks it. If I look in the security history it is listed as such with no means given to unblock it. Without looking in the security history all you get is no internet connections available etc just as if it wasn't plugged in but in the device manager it says its correctly installed. Anyone any ideas on how to unblock it or should the information about the dongle have said its incompatible with Norton products like Norton 360 that contain a firewall? Its looking like BT Wi-Fi Dongles are incompatible with the Norton Firewall.

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Running Internet App results in blank page

The educational site app https://app.middleburyinteractive.com/dashboard gives a blank page with Norton enabled.  In Google, Settings, Extensions, disable Norton and the app works; no more blank pages.

See attached for 3 screen shots.  On the first page/screen shot is where 'Lessons' is selected to get to the 2nd page/screen shot where the app comes up blank.  The 3rd page/screen shot is where Norton is disabled in Google Extensions.

How do I resolve this without turning off Norton in Google Extensions?

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Norton IS 2013 won't open and I cannot connect to internet by wireless orf wire

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Norton Toolbar causing huge memory leak in Firefox, performance grinds to a halt

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