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complaints department



I want to contact the nortons complaints department before taking my issue further but cannot find a real person to email.  Was advised by nortons live chat to contact but there is only feed back page no complaints.


chat session stated "issue has been esculated" normally take 2 -7 minutes

waited 80 minutes.


opened a new session and was advised that it normally takes 50 - 55 minutes.


symantec have debited my credit card for remote session but don't know if it occured because waited 95 minutes thursday 14th and had to leave to go to work.



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Re: complaints department

Hi shazza,


Did you wish to have a problem resolved, or were you alerting us to the long wait time for getting in contact with our Support team? I have alerted our Support team, who also reads these boards, and they are aware of the inconvenience you have experienced. Please let me know if there was another issue you wished to discuss. Thanks! 

Tony Weiss
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