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getting rid of Trojan Horse?

When I run the Full Scan I find 3 Trojan Horses on my PC.

I tried having someone get rid of them. When he looked or ran something else for viruses it said they were not there.

Do I have to worry about my privacly?

Most importantly, how do I get rid of these Trojan Horses? Is it save to do financial transactions online?


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Re: getting rid of Trojan Horse?



Seeing has you have had someone else try, Do this to create logs


Do this first, to get logs only GMER can be mis-used


Please run RootRepeal  as in this post


And GMER,  and "Scan" then "Save"  the log,   then due to the possible side post the log on   and PM me the link. Use your Norton Nmae on Pastebay


If it has a rootkit base,


I will cross reference the logs and if need be create a script to remove whatever.



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Re: getting rid of Trojan Horse?

I would suggest following the Removal Instrctions for Trojan Horse (below).  Please let us know how you get on!




Removal Instructions for Trojan Horse:


Thursday, November 21, 2013: The THREATCON was changed to Level 1: Normal | Tue., Nov. 05, 2013: Zero-Day Vulnerability: Microsoft Security Advisory 2896666 | Saturday, November 09, 2013: Cyber-Criminals Serve Up A Veritable Smorgasbord Of Threats For South Koreans | Wednesday, October 09, 2013: New Internet Explorer Zero-Day Targeted In Attacks Against Korea And Japan [C.V.E.-2013-3897]