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product codes

does anyone know how to get product codes for current trial versions of norton 360? i downloaded the trial version but wasn't given a product code. please help.


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Re: product codes

Hi! Me3,


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I believe it would be best if you contacted Symanctec's technical support for this issue.  You can do so at Symantec Support just select the option that best suites what you need help on.


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Re: product codes



just simply skip that window. :)

If you install the trial version, it do not needs any activation code. The window you see is for the normal bought license activation. And there should be an option (radiobutton or something) where you can click that "use Norton product name as a trial".

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Re: product codes

Hello me3


To get an actual product code, you would need to buy the product either as a boxed copy or as a download from a reputable place. Thanks. If you buy N360, then you can enter the product code, but please make sure you get the proper version. The difference between the standard and the premier is the amount of back up space you get. Thanks.

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