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renovacion norton 360

Muy buenas, me gustaria saber como se hace para comprar norton 360 ya teniendolo sin tener que renovar ya que una de las licencias la tiene un amigo y no quiero que se le renueve comprando la renovacion, mi pregunta es que si yo compro norton 360 me va a renovar las licencias que tengo. No puedo comprar como si fuera desde cero para que no se renueve ninguna licencia?. No quiero que se le renueve la licencia del amigo y no se como lo deberia de hace. Gracias por adelantado. salu2.

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Re: renovacion norton 360

what he say?

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Re: renovacion norton 360

I'm not much good with Spanish but Google gives me this approximate translation:


Very good, I wonder how it is to buy norton 360 and having it without having to renew because of the licenses have a friend and do not want to be buying renew renewal, my question is if I buy norton 360 I will renew the licenses I have. I can not buy as if from scratch to not renew any license?. I do not want to renew your license from a friend and not as it should of done. Thanks in advance. salu2


I don't really understand your reference "because of the licences have a friend ..."


Can you clarify?


In general if you do not want to renew directly with Norton you can buy a new copy in a store if it is cheaper and use the KEY that comes with it to extend the subscription on what you have but it replaces any unexpired time and does not add to it like a RENEW does.


You must buy the same product so with Norton 360 if you have Standard you must buy that and if you have Premier you must buy that -- but it can be a different year if the year is earlier; at the moment there are problems if you buy a 2013 / V20 copy and want to use the KEY on a 2012 / V19 installation.


For simplicity you should buy the same language version although there are workarounds if you have a problem and the language changes.


Does that help? If not please try to ask in English or look through the Spanish translations in


Soluciones en español ~ Find a solution in Spanish 


here in the forums. But you can't post a question there.