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2 System Tray Icons =(

Hi, thanks for viewing my post.


I have Norton Internet Security 2010 installed and for some reason I have 2 Icons in the system tray next to the clock... I only want one!


I look in MSCONFIG menu and there is only 1 norton showing and I just simply do not know how to close this second icon.. any Ideas?


I have made any major changes to my system.  Yesterday I did install my 2nd antispyware program that i do not let run all the time " spy emergency".  The problem began after that but I uninstalled Spy Emergency and it did not help.


Thanks for any help.


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Re: 2 System Tray Icons =(

Check at the bottom of your Windows screen for Show hidden icons.  Click customize to see what is showing the other Norton Icon.  The Service Framework is the one that should be showing.
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Re: 2 System Tray Icons =(

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Hi EricHilton1987,


Are you running Windows7? It seems that the twin icons are Windows 7-specific; please read dbrisendine's post over here:


PS: The post contains information related to modifiying the registry; the information is not specific, so if you do not know what you are doing, please do not do anything to fix the issue until you receive specific instructions on how to delete the keys mentioned in dbrisendine's post.

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