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Accidentally clicked a spam link, what now??

Ok wife received an email from a trusted person. It had a link in the body of the email. Wife clicked it and took her to an online pharmacy site


Can't recall the full link but something like: (and I'll space it so nobody accidentally clicks it)




Now I look up on and it is listed as ok



So is this just a spam link or is it a virus/malware?


Use Norton Antivirus 2008 still. Ran scans with NAV2008, SpyBot and malware bytes, all clean


So wondering if this just was a spam link and not a virus? Matters somewhat complicated as I looked up on yahoo answers and the responses run the renage of just spam, to virus that will attack my computer and freeze it up in a week


let me point out we did not download anything or give any infor, the link just took us to this online pharmacy page


since Norton and other scans show clean, good chance all is well?

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Re: Accidentally clicked a spam link, what now??

Hi calls


Since you are still using NAV 2008, you are not going to get as thorough of a scan. If you have Tea Timer installed with Spybot, then you have a conflict with NAV since you have 2 real time scanners running. Spybot isn't too good any more either because it only updates the definitions once a week. Can you please run a HiJackThis and perhaps we will see something in that which might give a clue if something nasty is there also.


Please download HiJackThis from Choose the executable and save it on your desktop. Run the file and select the first option on the main menu "Do a system scan and save a log file". When this is finished, Notepad will open with the log file in it. Save the log file and attach it to a post here via the Add Attachments under the orange Post button Please don't attempt to fix anything that it shows until someone checks out the log. Thanks.

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Re: Accidentally clicked a spam link, what now??

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let me ad the following

NAV2008 is my realtime protection

SpyBot and Malwarebytes are just on demand


I also am using Vista OS and am on as a limited user accound, so I can't even delete things without putting in the admin password


And I have seen no ill effects since the accidental click on the spam link about 12 hours ago.


As I have a tendency to mess things up, I prefer to do as little as possible. So is there a possibility that this was just a spam ad?

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Re: Accidentally clicked a spam link, what now??

Yes, Calls, it is likely just a spam ad. 
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