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Adding another computer to NIS/NAV

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I can have 3 computers on my Norton AntiVirus. How do I ad my new laptop to Norton? I have 240 days left on my Norton and want to use them on both computers.



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Re: Install an ad on new laptop.

its depends of your license if your norton is for 3 computer you can do it , but its only for 1 pc you cant


but you can check that on norton chat session.


Norton Chat Support<< CLICK HERE.

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Re: Install an ad on new laptop.

Hello brownbagger


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You can download the latest version of NAV 2011 from this link. Please just download it first and save to desktopl.


Please remove any real time security program that came with your new computer first. Please use the control panel method and then reboot. Then use the removal tool  from the other company and reboot.


Then click on the link for NAV 2011 and run that. right click and run as admin if your new computer is vista or win 7. Please run live update until you get all the updates and then reboot one more time.


There shouldn't be any need to chat with customer support. Thanks.


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