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Anti Virus Definitions Not Up to Date

Ho do I do that. Just installed Norton antivirus 2009. I did full scan all was fine but it says anti virus definitions are not up to date. specifically said NAV Engine, NAV Resources, Norton 2009 and Virus Definitions, NAV Resources failed to complete. Dont know what to do if I have to do anything at all. Says antivirus is seure. Says firewall and automatic updates on virus protection out of date (isnt that what I just put on Norton 2009)thanks
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Re: Anti Virus Definitions Not Up to Date

Hi jj50000,


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First, check the system date set in your computer (Control Panel > Date & Time) and make sure that it is set to the current one. Now, Intelligent Updater from the following link to manually update the virus definitions:


Download the first exe file and run it on your computer. Restart the computer and then check for the issue by running LiveUpdate once again. If the LiveUpdate fails againa, click View Summary and try to get the exact LiveUpdate error code.




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Re: Anti Virus Definitions Not Up to Date

Can you please tell us what version you installed and what version is on the machine now?  The version is available under Help&Support > About and is in the form of xx.xx.xx.xxxx (ex - 


I asking this because if you installed an older version (build) of the program, it make take a few updates and restarts to load in the latest version / build.  You should run Live Update manually until you see the message that there are no more updates for your product and then reboot your system and check again. 


Also, if this is Norton Anti Virus 2009, then this program has no firewall included with it; you would need to turn on Windows Firewall at least.  If the program is Norton Internet Security, that does have a firewall in it along with the Antivirus.

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