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Ask search

Can anyone verify that the Ask search interface was added to Norton Internet Security 2009 by Symantec?  Or have I got some malware on my computers?  I spent a long time in a chat session on Wednesday(3/4/09) with a Symantec technician, and the technician said that Ask search IS NOT a part of Norton products.  The technician tried to find a way to get rid of the Ask interface, and after much troubleshooting, said I would need to reinstall the product.  I also discovered that Safe Search was entered as a search provider in IE 7 and Firefox.  I deleted Safe Search in the search provider in IE 7 options, and now it has reappeared.  I am not aware of anything I did that may have let any malware in.  Don
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Re: Ask search

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ASK search is a part of Norton Add-on pack 3.5 which comes along with the Norton 2009 products and Norton 360 Version 3.0. It gets installed with Norton 360 V3, shown as a part of Norton Toolbar.




Check this thread for more information on this.

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Re: Ask search

Well I downloaded the latest norton update and I got something in my internet explorer 7 called ask search (safe search) I believe this is part of the update


see here for more info