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Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

Does anyone know how to remove Babylon Search?  I've tried everything.  I removed anything I could find that might be related to it in "add/remove programs".  I've ran spybot, norton, everything I have and I can't figure out what else to do.  It keeps popping up no matter what I do.  I downloaded Norton's power eraser and that did nothing.  I read that it's very difficult for a regular person to safely remove this on their own.  Is it possible?  Has anyone been hijacked by this malicious software and knows what to do?

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

Hi tyronne,


A quick search has provided the following from Yahoo Answers - I don't guarantee anything as I have never tried to use the instructions:


Follow these steps:
In order to uninstall Babylon and all is features completely ,follow the 4 steps below :


1) Uninstall Babylon Software:

2) Change Babylon Home Page (Internet Explorer \ Firefox \ Google Chrome):

3) Remove Babylon search provider

4) Uninstall Babylon Toolbar Software


I know you have tried the first step already - did you reboot?  Also there is an alternate removal you may want to try in that same step.


Please keep us posted.

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

Hi - firstly it says little for Norton that they do not protect against babylon - which has been infecting computers since 2007 at least!


I have seen loads of complex DIY advice that may work, but - spybot S&D ( ) did it all for me, plus finding a host of other adware that Norton had missed.  So I recomend you just download that (free)  - less chance of doing something wrong to your PC as well :-)

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

I have the same problem with the babylon toolbar. I don't know where it came from because I didn't download any exec programs. My son worked on trying to remove it and did all the steps that the person that replied listed and more. It was hiding in programs all over my computer and is still hiding somewhere. It was even showing up before my norton even booted up. I can get explorer to open with a home page of MSN or Bing but if I try to search with a tab babylon comes up.  When I go to tools -Explorer bars it is still there. I have tried everything and nothing works. I too am disappointed in my Norton virus protection. My renewal is coming up and I'm not sure if I will keep it.

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.



I can not guarantee this will help,  but here are the removal instructions from the Spybot S&D Forums.  -


Please let us know if this helps.


Thanks,  Dave.

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

If people really can't shift Babylon trying the above I can script to remove it and any left over entries.



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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

u can try toolbar cleaner
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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

Babylon is like a malware program that is extremely irritating. Its current wiki even tries to boast it number of downloads. BULL****. They throw the download as a bonus with downloading other stuff. They try to hide it with other downloads. They are used on reference sites like game surveys where you download "x" program or complete "x" survey and get free points instead of "cashshopping game" etc to entice more people to download it.. but once you got it.. have fun getting rid of it.. it will become your new default search engine whether you like it or not.. regardless of "uninstalling/deleting" it will linger on your browser..




Its been a while but i think i uninstalled babylon and deleted anything related to it in remove programs and search computer etc. It still lingered on the Firefox browser.. I found a temp fix which made it not show up on new tabs at the very least and stuck with it but eventually got sick of it and got rid of it for good.


So idk about other browsers but after you delete all that nonsense from your computer

- open a new tab in your firefox brower and type about:config

- you'll get a little scary warning asking if you want to proceed as changing these advanced setting may be harmful/void warranty etc. Proceed anyways.

- type babylon in search

- right click reset all that babylon nonsense that popped up

- fixed

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

This worked for me.. worth giving a try Site

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Re: Babylon Search has taken over my browser.

Babylon is an absolute nightmare.  The amount of times I have uninstalled my browser and reinstalled it over the past year or so when it gets infected as any solutions I found on the internet were really hard to follow.  However, this time I followed all of the above including the last post, and all done.  Fantastic.  Just wondering why Nortons does not stop this when it is loading on the machine.  I have always selected no to Babylon when I was installing any program but it still gets in.


Saving this one to my favourties for the next time.