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Blackhole toolkit website 21

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Had a message of a high risk attack from "blackhole toolkit website 21". It said that the attacking computer was my computer. Apart from it saying that it was blocked, is there anything else I should do? Do I need to get rid of something on my computer? Why is my computer the attacking computer? Have I got a problem?

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Re: Blackhole toolkit website 21

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Hi marklydarkly,


Blackhole is an exploit pack that checks your system for unpatched software vulnerabilities that can be used to install malware with no user action.  It targets such programs as Java, Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player, among others.  If you are not running the latest versions of these applications, you are at risk from toolkits like this.  Usually these driveby download attempts use malicious JavaScript injected into a legitimate website to redirect your browser to another site hosting the exploit pack.


To help protect you, Norton IPS recognizes and blocks these toolkits before they can launch their attack.  Although Norton most likely succeeded in preventing any harm, the threat is very real and it is always suggested that you run a Full System Scan following an encounter with an exploit pack, just to be sure that nothing got through.  And if you have not been keeping your programs up to date on security patches, you may want to run Secunia's Online Software Inspector to check for vulnerable applications.


You can disregard your computer as the "attacking computer."  This confusion results due to the attack coming by way of your browser, which is running on your computer.