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Can't "fix now" my norton antivirus. please help


im using Norton Antivirus 2009, on windows vista.

and lately i got a red sign next to the norton icon.

when i opened it, it says "At risk" and below "Fix Now".


its trying to fix it but it cant and when i go to setting and turn on the "email scan" which goes off everytime, its not saving my setting. and probably thats the problem... so, how can i fix it?

im using Gmail as well.


Thank you very much

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Re: Can't "fix now" my norton antivirus. please help

Hi Stola12,


You can better go for the latest NAV 2010 upgrade product and then check for this issue. Run the removal tool, you can download it from this LINK. Restart the computer and run it 2-3 times, restart the computer each time after you run it. You can install the NAV 2010- latest version in your computer and activate it using the Product Key of NAV 2009 from your Norton Account. You can download NAV 2010 from this LINK. Let us know the results.