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Difference Between 360 and Norton Internet Security

Hello everyone.  Noob here to Norton and the comunity. I purchased a protaction package with 360 and NIS. I downloaded 360 first. Then went to Download NIS. But now I am being prompted to remove "another Norton product" before completing the install of Norton Internet security. I am running a clean instal of Windows 7, so no other security softer, Norton or otherwise on the HDD.

Whats the Difference Between 360 and Norton Internet Security? I was under the impresion they both worked together. Thanks.

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Re: Difference Between 360 and Norton Internet Security

HI WebShredder,


First of all you can not have both N 360 and NIS installed on the same system - they will not double the protection - but rather conflict with each other lessening your protection.


The following link will priovde a comparison of NIS to N 360 for last year's products.  The basic information has not changed.


If you have ore questions,let us jknow.