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Does this mean half-baked release products?


"However, GE and Symantec are very different companies, and while Bennett may
have learned a bit at Intuit, he is by no means a software specialist. Software
typically requires a reduced span of control. Developers need closer oversight
and coordination, while managers, often called on to code, are not only the more
senior programmers, but also integral to quality control."


I already found that the release of Norton 2013 was half-baked and lacked quality control."


If furture products to be released are compromised but this article then things wouldn't be good.


I can only defend/support Symantec for so long. If they fail to deliver then I have no choice but to choose something else.


I hope this doesn't carry there products back to the pre-2009 days.


 " a move reminiscent of GE, Symantec will shift to a product-focused
model rather than a customer-focused one."



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Re: Does this mean half-baked release products?

Hi Mitka


The linked article certainly paints a bleak picture for the future.


As for Norton 2013 being half-baked, that's a problem with Symantec's beta deployment scheduling. They released NIS 2013 for beta testing at the beginning of May 2012. That's already too late if they were aiming for a beginning of September 2012 Production release date. Historically speaking, June and July never appear to be good months as far as resolving any beta product issues raised by members of the Norton Community are concerned. :smileywink:  

Mitka wrote:



I hope this doesn't carry there products back to the pre-2009 days.



Despite the Windows 8 makeover in the Norton 2013 product lines, it's clear that we're still dealing with a security product designed for Windows XP or earlier. To test this, simply log into a Standard User account and try to access the Settings menu. Please let us know if you can access all Norton 2013 Settings under this account (even if read-only).





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Re: Does this mean half-baked release products?

Interesting statement from the new CEO.


"We'll absolutely have a Norton brand," he said. Bennett added that it's
possible the Norton brand may grow to include more products intended for the
small office/home office. What Symantec wants to do in its internal reorg is to
break down the deeply ingrained "silos" of activity in engineering and marketing
that kept the consumer-products side so separate from the business-products
side. It was "almost as if they were separate companies," he said.


So maybe the NIS 2013 debacle won't be repeated and we get better products.