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Error Code 3048.3

Since updating to the "New & Improved" Norton Internet Security, I've been getting Error Code 3048.3 about every other day. I download and run Norton Power Eraser as instructed, but all scans come back clean. Any ideas to the cause of the error's, thanks.

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Re: Error Code 3048.3

I am having the exact same problem as you, and have used the eraser, done a full scan, and Norton says no threats, then the error message comes up again.I've also been having trouble with internet explorer not responding and am wondering if this is anything to do with it.

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Re: Error Code 3048.3

Hi a6fixer (Navy Intruder or the car? :smileywink:) & vallysnikmot,


Please open NIS, Clcik on Support and then Get Suppport - let it update and scan and tell us what it finds (or fixes).  This should check your install.


Also please tell us your operating system and SP version, as well the version of NIS that you are running (Support > About).



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Re: Error Code 3048.3

Same here random. Only on Win 7. I think it's related to Live Update. It's happened three times in a month. Running Get Support no problem to fix.

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Re: Error Code 3048.3

I posted somewhere else in this forum about this problem.  Never had it until I updated to 2013.  Like many others, I did the power eraser thing, uninstalled using Windows uninstall and running NRT (2).  Reinstalled with the same 3048,3 occasionally popping up.  I've done full scans using both Norton and Malwarebytes with no problems detected.  Now, I ignore the thing!  I've had zero problems.  (This is on my older XP computer.  My other three computers have had no error codes. (so far)