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Firefox 7.0 Compatibility Patch is now available

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Hi everyone,


We have released a compatibility update to bring Firefox 7.0 support to Norton AntiVirus/Norton Internet Security 2012 (19.1.1) and 2011 (18.6) and Norton 360 5.1. To get the update, simply run LiveUpdate from the Main User Interface of your Norton Product. A reboot will be required after the update has been applied.  If you are unable to get the patch, here are a few steps you can take to download the patch:


- Run LiveUpdate continuously until it tells you that there are no updates available.


- Reboot your computer, and then run LiveUpdate. The update may have already been applied by Automatic LiveUpdate.


- Please check the Norton Update Center to ensure you're running the latest version of Norton Internet Security or Norton 360. Most customers with a subscription will be eligible for a free update to the latest version. 


If you are unsure whether or not you've received the update, please check that the following file has been updated to the listed version:


NIS 19.1.1:

coFFPlgn.dll -- 2012.2.0.2


NIS 18.6/N360 v5.1:

coFFPlgn.dll -- 2011.7.2.3

Tony Weiss
Norton Forums Global Community Manager
Symantec Corporation