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Re: Firewall blocking printer

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So, now we are getting somewhere.


The suggestion of Delphinium is worth considering, but then the computer where your printer is connected needs to be online all the time.


You use a Belkin utility to connect to your printer, which can only be connected to one computer at a time.

It is a program that simulates a USB connection over the network. You can then connect a device (printer, storage etc.) which is connected to the USB port of the router to one system in the network. But only to one system at the same time.

The device does not get an IP-address and therefore will never show up in your Network Security map of NIS.

By the way : my router also never shows up there, so that's not soemthing to look at further.


Basically this is the same utility that D-Link uses (then called Shareport) for the same purpose. Both are derived and are an OEM version of the generic utility called : SX Virtual Link.


Here is another problem with looks exactly like yours, but then with the Shareport utility :

Just read the first post of the originator.


Now to a few questions :

1. Did you recently install new router firmware or a new version of Belkin Router and Print Sharing Center? 

2. Did you install NIS 2011 lately, updating from an earlier version?

3. What is the brand and model of your printer and router?


For the D-Link problem there seemed to be no solution then for the new version, as the utility was the culprit, also with other brands of firewalls.


If you supply the needed info, maybe we can get you somewhere further.




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Re: Firewall blocking printer

I followed Delphinium's suggestion of plugging printer directly into the desktop, and after fiddling around with file and print sharing I now can print from my desktop and my wireless laptop.  Great.  But like you say, I need to keep my desktop on the network at all times.  This is ok because I don't turn it off.  Still curious as to why the setup with the printer attached to the router doesn't work though.  I read the thread you linked and it does sound like astara has the same problem with the external storage device I'm having with my printer but with a different router brand.  I did go into NIS program control and made sure that the Belkin router "connect" file is listed as an allowed program as suggested by Belkin.  My router is Belkin Share (F7D3302) and the printer is HP Photosmart C4600.  I haven't updated the router firmware or router and print sharing software recently.  I installed NIS 2011 before I installed the router so that hasn't changed either as far as I know.  Since astata didn't have any luck apparently, I wonder if my problem is unsolvable as well?


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Re: Firewall blocking printer



One of HP's standard trouble shooting techniques for dealing with USB connected printer problems is to plug the printer direct into the motherboard connection at least to get it woriking -- they do this when people have the printer connected through an self-powered hub for example.


But they also suggest doing it first if you want to connect via wifi or ethernet from a router for example and then when you have it working OK with a direct connection transfer it back to the indirect connection -- like on your router -- and see if it works or is easier to get working.


Also with USB connected external devices it is essential to install the software for them including any special driver before you make the connection for the first time. If you don't then Windows pre-empts and installs whatever it has in its bag and that may work, but less effectively. So if you did not do this and find some of the features on the printer do not work -- like press to print or scan buttons


None of this may be relevant to what has been blocking your connection but it's worth bearing in mind. Unless there is some reason to need to use the router the direct connection would seem to be the best choice anyway.


You may like to have a note of this link to the support page for drivers and fixes for the CS4600 printer on XP: 


there are some fairly recent updates you may want to know about in case you run into the problems.


And this general page of links 

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Re: Firewall blocking printer

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I am afraid indeed, that your connection problem is hard to cure, unless a newer utility and/or firmware solves the problem.

You can check if there is newer firmware or software :


A few more possibilities of you want to pursue.


First check if there's newer HP Software through HP update from the Start Menu, as Hugh more or less suggested.  But..before you update, first connect your printer directly to the USB bus of your computer. I have made a lot of HP printers working by updating to the last version. HP has done a lot solving connection problems lately.


Another possibility, but maybe the fastest, is to remove Belkin Uitlities and NIS without keeping the settings.

Then reinstall Belkin Utilities first and afterwards NIS. This has worked for some users.


You can look which exceptions are entered into Windows Firewall for the Belkin Utilites at install time and reproduce them in NIS firewall :

Start/Comtrol Panel/Security Center/Windows Firewall

Look for exceptions to modules of Belkin. A bit nasty work, but maybe valuable.


That's all i can think of at the moment. I have not discovered a helpfull Belkin forum yet.



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