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Fraudulent web page blocked.

Hello, recently i got that message when i tried using the microsoft translator in internet explorer 8, after i clicked on the "translate with live search" that message popped up, this was not the case 2-3 days ago, so it's very recent.


I tried even doing it with the safest of the safe websites, it does the same thing no matter what, did something change in the recent updates? I am using nis 2010.

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Re: Fraudulent web page blocked.

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Web Page Block


Report False Positives >


Do you have IE8 Smart Screen Filter enabled > known to conflict with NIS


May be a legitimate threat ?


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Re: Fraudulent web page blocked.

Strange because translate with Bing in IE8 is working fine.

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Re: Fraudulent web page blocked.

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Your right Tywin7, just checked and it seems to be working fine again, that was odd, but it seem's to have just fixed itself moments ago, oh well all's well again, thanks for the reply's and support.

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Re: Fraudulent web page blocked.

Hello John


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