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Help: how to activate my norton product on another computer

Hello, I have recently purchased Norton internet security and antivirus on my laptop. in the end of the purchasing procedures, I found out that i can activate the product i bought, on another 2 computers (correct me if im wrong). 

I'd like to know how i can download the product on my main computer, and activate it legally.

Thank you.

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Re: Help: how to activate my norton product on another computer

Hello dandush123 and welcome!


The easiest way to this is from your Norton Account online.


If you created an account when you performed the first installation, just go to your Norton Account using a computer on which you want to install Norton


From here you can see how many PCs are covered by your license, how many remaining installations are available and there is also a Download Button to install the latest version of your product.


Norton Account.png


One note of caution - be sure to completely uninstall any other security program before installing Norton.  Many competitor products have special tools to ensure complete removal.  Let us know what program is currently on the other machine(s) and we'll give you a link to that product's removal tool.


Let us know how you do.

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