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High CPU Usage message

Apparently my Norton Internet Security is set with a default option to have this icon for "High CPU Usage"  pop up (randomly) but I have no idea what to do with the information. What does it mean to me if it shows, for example a 56% usage? This has just started in the last day or so.

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Re: High CPU Usage message

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The messages are informational and just letting you know that a particular program is having high CPU, disk or memory usage. You can go into Miscellaneus Settings in Norton and turn off these messages altogether or for a particular program or alter the threshold levels if you wish to.

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Re: High CPU Usage message

Personally I would not worry about it unless you find that you are running into a sustained slowdown that you can't account for.


Consider turning off the notifications in Settings / Miscellaneious Settings if they bother you.

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Re: High CPU Usage message

Thanks for your input. Actually, I have started noticing my computer being extremely slow in opening up the Internet or navitagint within the Internet. Having said that, is there some action I need to take in uninstalling some programs or deleting favorites, as examples? I haven't added anything recently to account for any added burden. I guess my question is whether it's something on my computer affecting it or is it relating directly to the Internet and why all of a sudden I'm experiencing this extreme slow down.

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Re: High CPU Usage message

Hi! Dinkiej


Have tried running basic system maintenance?


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