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How many viruses or ...?

Out of idle curiosity, how many viruses or threats have you had to actually work to remove from your systems over the last five years using Norton products?  I'm not talking about those of you who go to websites or download things just to see if you get infected; I'm just talking normal, everyday computer use.


I've used Norton Internet Security since 1999 give or take.  I've had one Smitfraud variant that was stopped but left the nasty little blinking balloon on my desktop.  I also just recently had to remove parts of Brisv A.  Pretty darn good considering I had two teenage boys during most of that time, with a fondness for music and porn.


How does Norton stack up for others on average use?

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Re: How many viruses or ...?

Hi Delph

I left a post in the other thread which is what I think made you post this.I am very happy with NIS2009 I have only had it about a year now halfway through upgraded from NIS2008.It is my first experience with any security suite and I like it.I have not had any warnings,viruses or otherwise.

Main problems with using NIS2009 Is MY ignorance of computer terms,the way computers work and not understanding how NIS works.BUT a great big thanks to those on this forum who take their time to explain and teach me about computers.Symantec must make use of this asset "These forums " in combination with their products.Educate the one who needs it when they buy your products, and you will get the continued sales(I think!)Plus listen to the genuine complaints as the Mods do on this forum especially the choice factor in regards to auto renewal.Well thanks delphinium for giving me the soapbox......back to you

Cheers Mo
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Re: How many viruses or ...?

I really got a lot................................... ;)

But I for one just like to test around indeed. 


In your question you want a honest answer and people who download malware just for testing don't count. But that's exactly the main point in first hand security. The first main point in security is yourself. No vendor, not Symantec or any other vendor can defend you from personal choices

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Re: How many viruses or ...?

True enough Stu:


I'm just reasonably careful.  I don't have a lot of security programs other than Norton, and I'm not as diligent as I probably should be.  I download the occasional program to try out, usually from CNET or reasonably safe sites, and I downloaded the occasional music until just recently.  I'm just the average "user."  No special skills.  In spite of that, I have only had the two threats, which I was able to deal with myself.  To me, this indicates that Norton products should be sufficient and reliable for the average user. 


We don't hear much from the average user on this board.  Some people might think that they only have something to say if they have problems.  Perhaps the ones who don't have problems have something to contribute in the  absence of problems.

Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.
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Re: How many viruses or ...?

I usually do testing too out of curiosity ;)


But for protection, i generally test any file using sandbox, to be sure it will not harm system if its a nasty one hehe. 


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Re: How many viruses or ...?

lets say in 3 - 4 years (different products) = 0 :)
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Re: How many viruses or ...?

Hello delphinium,


I also have had great success with Norton products over the past 10 years or so.


I have never once been infected. I do practice safe safe surfing and always keep Norton and Windows updated. Admittedly I am not as adventurous as Stu in deliberately trying to become infected. However, for the benefit of the Forum Members, I do check malicious sites that are posted here in order to assist someone with a problem; I may not download an obviously infected file, however Norton has protected me from other aspects of malicious sites.


NIS 2009 has alerted me to attempted "drive-by downloads" on some sites and has prevented any malicious content from downloading.


I have also experienced two other interesting protection events regarding removable media.


While cleaning a friend's computer (who was not using Norton) a music file was identified by the Norton online scan as being infected. Before deleting the file from the computer, I copied it to a flash drive and then inserted the drive into my desktop. My onboard NIS immediately identified the risk and removed it.


Most recently, my son wanted to show us some recent photos he had taken. I inserted his camera memory card into my card reader and as soon as I attempted to open the files, Norton alerted me to the W32.SillyFDC virus and proceeded to remediate the file. I discovered later, that during my son's trip the card had been passed around amongst friends who had added photos from their computers!


And, as advertised, after this event Norton automatically turned on Early Load (which I had disabled a few hours earlier for testing) to provide further protection as outlined here by PieterV.


I think Stu sums it up with this quote: "The first main point in security is yourself. No vendor, not Symantec or any other vendor can defend you from personal choices". That says it all.


I know this was a lengthy dissertation, however it does explain why I am willing to volunteer my time here on the forums as I believe in the Norton product line - they have always protected me.






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Re: How many viruses or ...?

Thanks Phil:


You bring up some great examples of the kind of inadvertent threat that most users run into.  I hadn't considered camera cards, or what can happen.  It's impossible to think of everything.  Most people now are wary of used thumb drives but you don't expect to see your camera card passed around.


Cell phones that make their own connection to the internet and then connected to the family computer can now become a risk that a lot of people wouldn't recognize. 


I also didn't realize that Norton would automatically turn on early load when presented with infected removable media. That was very interesting.

Under certain circumstances profanity provides relief denied even to prayer.
Mark Twain