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How to make a bootable cd or USB stick for virus scan

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Hi, I have a laptop to fix that has no antivirus, I have on my pc Norton AV 2010 and would like to know how to make a cd or a USB stick that will scan all files on the laptop first before I install Norton on the laptop. If there are too many problems involving on the laptop I will do a clean install of the OS and then install Norton on it but I would like to save me some time and just do a cd/USB stick  boot scan for the laptop. So the question is how to make the cd or USB stick with the latest virus definitions on it to fix the laptop as it has no AV on it.


Thanks GK 

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Re: How to make a bootable cd or USB stick for virus scan

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Hi Gabriel_Knight


Download the free version of Malwarebytes from to a USB stick and run it from there on the suspect laptop.


Alternatively you could create and run the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool from here on a clean PC and run it on the suspect PC. You will need a valid subscription key to run it.



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