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How to remove Ads by browse to save?

The suggestions referred to in a previous thread DID NOT work for me, I have it on both my IE AND chrome...
Not listed as add-on...
This is really getting annoying...
Hope this time I get some help to get this *** thing removed... :(


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Re: How to remove Ads by browse to save?


Since normal scanning with Norton did not work, I managed to remove the more obvious ads by restoring the system to a couple of weeks back. However, I was unable to remove the underlined popup ads that seem to appear on some pages (including this one).


I used Norton Power Eraser in the hope that it would power erase the virus. This also failed. Is there perhaps a third Norton tool that I can use? Not in any hope that it might actually help but just because I like to be reassured that there is nothing wrong with my computer.