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How to remove Norton AntiSpam Outlook add-in?

Does anyone know how to remove the Norton AntiSpam Add-In in Outlook. I have gone through the standard procedure for removing add-ins in Outlook, but the Norton AntiSpam add-in keeps reappearing every time I reboot and reopen Outlook.


The reason I want to remove this add-in is because I keep getting an Out Of Memory error message when I try to view Contacts, my SentBox, or even Deleted messages in Outlook, even though my system has 8GB of memory. I read online that Outlook will often display the Out of Memory message when there are too many Add-Ins installed. Sure enough, when I removed several of the Add-ins, I was able to use Outlook normally again. Unfortunately, the Norton AntiSpam Add-In keeps reinstalling itself even though I have deleted it. Ideas and recommendations are welcome.

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Re: How to remove Norton AntiSpam Outlook add-in?

you can switch off "client integration"


NIS main window > Settings > Network > Message Protection > AntiSpam > client integration > Outlook


or disable "AntiSpam" complete.


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