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Identity Safe under Chrome

I use Windows 7 (64 bit) and prefer Google Chrome, because it is MUCH quicker than IE8. However, I find the Identity Safe part of Norton 360 (v.4) only works if I am using IE8 and not even with IE 8 64 bit, let alone not with google Chrome. Am I missing a trick here, or is my impression correct?


If this is indeed the case, does anybody know when will the Identity Safe part of Norton 360 ( which I find works jolly well) be able to be used with Google Chrome (or even with IE8 64 bit!)?


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Re: Identity Safe under Chrome

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Hi wingco,


The Norton browser add-ons (this concerns both NIS 2010 and Norton 360) are not compatible with Google Chrome - only with Internet Explorer (32-bit; they do not run in the 64-bit version) and Firefox; you can read more over here under System Requirements:

I have copied the following from the link above:



Browser support for Vulnerability Protection and Phishing Protection

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer® 6.0 or higher (32-bit only) ***
  • Mozilla Firefox® 3.0 and later **