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Identity safe and IE 9 64-bit

Suddenly IE 32 bit has stopped working.  IE 9 64-bit works just fine, but identity safe doesn't work with IE 64-bit. Is it possible to make identity safe work with IE 9 64-bit? Also, I think it would be great if identity safe worked with Google Chromium.

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Re: Identity safe and IE 9 64-bit

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Hi ramblinrick,


Welcome to the Norton Community. What Norton product do you have and the version? You can find the version from Help & Support > About or Support > About depending on which product and year you have. What version of Windows do you have, Vista or Windows 7?


Though your Norton software supports 64 bit OS it does not support anything but 32 bit IE and Firefox at the present time.


What problem are you having with IE 32 bit? What version of IE 32 bit are you using?


Regarding Google Chrome, please see the following Norton Ideas thread and you can add your voice of support.


Hope this helps.


Best wishes.


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Re: Identity safe and IE 9 64-bit

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Re: Identity safe and IE 9 64-bit


We'd be glad to help you if you will help us :smileyhappy:

You're using IE9 and you need to turn on the compatibility mode

Just click on the tron page icon at the top of the screen

Once we can read your message we will do our best



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