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Idle full system scan not running

On 2-19-2009 I uninstalled and reinstalled NIS 2009 (which is 7 days ago) and my idle full system scan has not ran yet. My idle quick system scan ran 14 times since the reinstall. Is there a problem and is anybody else having this issue, or should i just wait a couple more days and see if it runs? Today I let my computer sit idle for 50 minutes, and It didn't run an idle full system scan. In my settings, idle time scan is set for weekly.

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Re: Idle full system scan not running

Hi TooStrong,


I would wait at least until the end of today or even tomorrow to see if the idle full scan runs.


It may be dependent upon what time you actually reinstalled NIS 2009, or although you mentioned the computer was idle, perhaps there was some background activity which prevented it.


If it has not run by tomorrow, then feel free to post back.


As of right now, I would not be concerned. Mine usually runs later in the day on day seven.

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Re: Idle full system scan not running

I had the same problem. The problem was that the latest version of NAV is installed in a new folder and Task Scheduler cannot find it as it is referenced to the folder of a previously installed version. You will find your NAVW32.exe file in a subfolder as shown below. 

The fix for me was to open Task Scheduler (via Control Panel in XP or Administrative Tools in Vista). In Vista, find the NIS entry in Active Tasks, click on Properties in the right-hand list and then on the Actions Tab edit the Folder location of your current version of the NAVW32.EXE file - probably: C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Engine\\Navw32.exe

In XP, open the task via the Task Scheduler and edit the 'Run' and 'Start In' entries to reflect the correct folder - the same as above. Hope this helps.

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Re: Idle full system scan not running

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Tonight, my idle full system scan ran. Exactly 1 week after I installed NIS 2009. I guess I was just being impatient.


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Re: Idle full system scan not running

Good to hear, thanx for the update
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