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Installing antivirus on a notebook

This is a very basic question, but I'm new to this so...  I have purchased a AntiVirus 2009 for my son's new notebook, which does not have a CD drive.  Before I break the plastic on the box I want to know if I can install it via our Mac.  Or do I need to download from the internet using his laptop?
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Re: Installing antivirus on a notebook

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Hi easchneider, welcome to the Norton community :-)


You could actually install NAV 2010 on your son's notebook (he has got Windows, right? ;-)  ) - users of Norton 2006 products and later can upgrade to Norton 2010 products for free. You can download the NAV 2010 package from here and save it to the desktop of your son's computer.


If you want to stick with NAV 2009, then you can obtain the NAV 2009 installation package from here:


To activate NAV 2009 or 2010 after installation, simply type in the product key which you will find on the CD sleeve/packaging of your NAV 2009 product.

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