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Issues with Internet Security, Google Chrome and Firefox

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Last night, I updated Google Chrome and when the browser reloaded after the update, I was informed that it was blocked by a firewall. When I tried to access my antivirus software to fix the problem, I was told that my Internet Security was out of date.


I then noticed that my internet protection wasn't working on Mozilla Firefox and anytime I tried opening up Norton Internet Security on my laptop, I was told that the product was out of date. I know what I have installed on my computer is NOT out of date because I do not have to update until August of this year. When I tried accessing the Internet Security program, it opens up the One Click Support, and I am told that it is an 8504, 101 error


I tried accessing Norton's regular product support site only to find that it wouldn't work on Chrome as well as Firefox. I've never had any problems with Norton before.


I am also now unable to use Firefox. I can only use Internet Explorer on my computer.

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Re: Issues with Internet Security, Google Chrome and Firefox

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Hi mshuler,


What happens when you try to use Firefox?  Have you tried uninstalling Chrome (make sure you go into Internet Explorer and make IE the default browser before uninstalling Chrome)?  There is a KB article on the Norton error code, and you may need to reinstall Norton.  Make sure you use the backup option in Identity Safe to make a copy of your stored data, if you have anything saved in Identity Safe.